• 2022/2023 Impact Report


  • Our library is open every morning for students to read, craft, play games, and check out books. Students enjoy starting their day by having some recreational time before starting their day. During February Tejeda students used their writing and creative skills to make their own Valentine’s cards. Students came in the morning, or stopped by throughout the day to get supplies provided by the library for their craft.
  • Tejeda library hosted a movie night for Hispanic Heritage Month to celebrate Hispanic culture. After school, students watched Encanto and enjoyed pan dulce during the showing.
  • Tejeda Library joined Bradley, Tex-Hill, and Lopez in the Lisa Fipps virtual author visit. Students were engaged in the author’s discussion on the writing process and the development of her characters. Ms. Fipps discussed self-image and how to deal with bullying.
  • Due to high interest after a second-generation Holocaust Survivor spoke during Holocaust Awareness Month, an additional presentation was planned with the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio for May so Tejeda 8th-graders could increase their knowledge and ask more questions.
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  • ELAR classes were invited to a Genre Personality lesson in the library. Students were asked various questions determining their genre personality and which books they might enjoy reading. Students enjoyed discussing their genre personalities with other students and their teacher. The librarian also offered “Book Tastings” throughout the year to ELAR and AIM classes to give students an opportunity to explore different genres in an engaging way.
  • 8th grade AIM classes came in for Hour of Code in the library. Students worked with a partner to solve a coding puzzle and earned stickers for a prize.
  • During Black History Month, ALE students learned about prominent people who have made a difference in our country. The librarian read several books and discussed these influential people with ALE students. Students then shared their knowledge with the librarian by answering questions and sharing what they learned in class.
  • The librarian teamed up with Resource ELAR teacher, Mrs. Papini, to teach students the EduProtocol, 8 p*ARTS, a lesson frame designed to get kids writing and utilizing parts of speech. Students viewed a funny meme and identified nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Students then used these small parts of speech to write creative sentences.

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Lesson Spotlight

7th grade science teachers taught students about renewable and non-renewable resources. The librarian helped co-teach these classes by presenting three library databases students could use: Gale Environmental Studies, Gale Science Interactive, and SIRS Discoverer. The librarian modeled using the tools within these digital resources and then citing sources properly. Students used the databases to gather information, take notes, and examine the advantages and disadvantages of renewable and non-renewable resources. A bibliography documented found data. Students expanded their knowledge of renewable and nonrenewable resources and digital databases.



  • The librarian collaborated with the Health teacher, Ms. Hoffard, to plan activities for Hispanic Heritage Month. Activities included LEE Mariachi, AIM activities, and Question of the Day, in which students earned prizes.
  • The librarian, campus Officer Torres, and Ms. Hoffard collaborated to educate students in Health class about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. Officer Torres presented a slide show about the negative impact of using drugs and being associated with individuals who are involved with drugs.
  • The librarian collaborated with Harris MS Librarian, Cherylee Stewart, to promote Holocaust Awareness Month by bringing in a second-generation speaker for Tejeda’s 8th grade students. Students had previously read Night or Diary of Anne Frank with their ELAR teachers. After the presentation, many students thanked the speaker.
  • The librarian participated in a year-long PLC with other middle school librarians. Together we set quarterly goals and discussed outcomes and data at the end of the quarter. More importantly, we learned about PLC norms and the effectiveness of working within a PLC.

Collaboration Spotlight

At Tejeda MS, collaboration is part of the school climate. Our campus ITS and librarian partnered with Health teacher, Ms. Hoffard, to create an interactive lesson on evaluating nutritional websites. The class began with the librarian presenting a brochure evaluating websites for authentic content. The librarian covered examining domains and author intention. Mrs. Haider then had students explore an interactive digital room where students rated the health websites for authenticity while learning


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Campus Leader

  • The librarian collaborated with campus ITS, Mrs. Haider, to provide training on EduProtocols. After the beginning in-person presentation, teachers walked around campus to scan QR codes to view and discuss videos about EduProtocols before returning to the library to debrief as a group on how they would use what they learned in their classrooms.
  • The librarian promotes library events through social media and the principal’s weekly newsletter. The librarian serves on the Social Influencer Committee and promotes through the school’s Facebook page.
  • The librarian hosted a Scholastic book fair and invited parents to volunteer. Together parents and the librarian enjoyed promoting reading and fundraising for the library. The librarian uses the profits from the book fair for author visits and to buy craft supplies and incentives for students.
  • The librarian and campus ITS provided a parent information session on navigating social media and Chat GPT. Parents attended and learned ways to start conversations with their students about safety and cyberbullying and explained what Chat GPT is. The session also allowed parents to hear and learn from other parents.
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