• 2022/2023 Impact Report


  • Librarian designed and implemented “Find Your Book” yearlong reading promotion encouraging students to explore different genres to read outside of their comfort zone and find “their book” to add to the personal bookshelf. During the course of the year, interactive stations were added throughout the LC space and students could share books and their reading through differentiated multimodal choices, from recommendation cards to video book reviews.
  • Librarian designed and facilitated interactive stations for Banned Books Week for all ELAR classes. Students self-selected stations and documented their learning on their BBW passport, which included topics ranging from Intellectual Freedom and the First Amendment to writing letters or postcards to authors.
  • Librarian organized fall and spring book fairs for all campus students centered on a Big Top theme in the fall and Summertime Pool theme in the spring. Library provided engaging, relevant activities during student visits.
  • Librarian organized and promoted a summer reading program for incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th graders that encouraged reading a variety of genres, formats, and promoted reading for enjoyment.
Two girls writing on post-its answering the question: Who in your life has most influenced your love o books and your right to read?
ebooks books in collection
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Students watching the librarian give a lesson on analyzing a picture book for authentic historical details


  • Librarian taught all 6th social studies classes about the library digital resources via an online scavenger search. Students had to collaborate in teams to explore specific social-studies related resources such as Britannica Online, Culturegrams, and SIRS Discoverer to learn how each resource is organized, what kinds of sources they include, and how to access, annotate, and share them to their Google Drive.
  • Librarian taught 8th grade GT-ELAR students about essential information/digital literacy skills as part of a two-day workshop for their individual passion projects. In the workshop, students learned about and practiced these skills using their own topics: effective keyword searching, click restraint, lateral reading and source evaluation.
  • Librarian created a learning menu of specific career exploration resources for SAS classes to kickstart their own research about careers. In this, the librarian led an interactive lesson where students explored these resources, including library digital resources such as Learning Ally and open education resources online.
  • Librarian taught 8th grade ELAR classes about the importance of research when crafting a piece of historical fiction writing. In the lesson, students learned how to research and anchor their story around a historical event or figure in order to include authentic historical details in their writing.

Students working at square table with a chow chow puppy sign in the middle of the table

Lesson Spotlight

Librarian taught 7th grade ELAR classes how to use text evidence and inferential thinking to match potential dog owners with the best possible breed. Students read about 8 different breeds, then collected data on each breed. Using their critical thinking skills, students combined their dog breed data and clues from the potential owners lifestyle/preferences, to make a match. Finally students justified their match using evidence from the informational text on dog breeds and the owner’s preference



  • Collaboratively planned and facilitated monthly professional learning sessions for campus teachers with campus ITS that blends digital resources with impactful instructional strategies and technology. Session topics grew from teacher-generated interests as well as campus instructional initiatives and goals.
  • Collaborated with Ms. Williams to film and produce the pirate shanty video as the introduction for all GT-ELAR classes for “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” Responsibility included recording voice, filming dance students, and producing the video for the school YouTube channel.
  • Librarian collaborated with Hill Student Council and local Honor Flight SA team to film, edit and produce video interview of local veteran, Mr. Joseph Keefe, for campus Veterans Day 2022 video. Librarian designed the interview questions, scheduled the interview and compiled all video footage into a produced video shown to the entire campus on Veterans Day, 2022.
  • Collaborated with the ELAR department to provide data-driven, TEKS based ELAR lessons for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students leading up to STAAR. Students were actively engaged in library lessons while teachers pulled students for individual writing and goal setting conferences.

Collaboration Spotlight

Collaborated with campus teacher, Ms. Williams, on a two-day poetry workshop centered on connections and theme. In the first lesson, students worked in pairs to determine the individual theme of four different poems about friendship before determining a shared theme across all four poems.While the topic of theme was constant, each poem’s message about friendship was unique to itself and required thoughtful analysis to uncover. In the second lesson, students expanded their thinking by connecting


A teacher and four back up dancers performing in a pirate shanty video.

Campus Leader

  • Co-facilitated Lunch and Learns each month on instructional resources and technology based on teacher interest and relevance. Featured topics included: BrainPOP +Cybersandwich, News-o-Matic, Learn360, Culturegrams.
  • Digitally shared instructional digital and open education resources and related ideas/strategies with faculty in the campus Tiger Beat faculty e-newsletter. Highlighted resources included Hispanic Heritage Month Resources, News-o-Matic, PBS Learning Media, and Smithsonian Learning Lab.
  • Served on the campus CITE Team which oversaw distribution of Chromebooks as part of the district’s one-to-one device initiative. Membership included collaborating and developing self-paced learning for students and faculty, leading in-person faculty professional learning and ideating on a future campus vision and map for ongoing training and learning for students, faculty, and community regarding thoughtful and effective tech integration in learning.
  • Hosted an after-school watch party for the NEISD Virtual Author’s Visit with Lisa Fipps. Students, staff, and parents were all invited to participate in the event.
Lisa Fipps speaking over Zoom
The Tex Hill library newsletter for March featuring a librarian bio, pictures of programming and events, and circulation stats.