• 2022/2023 Impact Report


  • Regency Knights explored the many genres of literature available at our fall and spring book fairs to add to their home libraries. Students used iPads to create wish lists in Seesaw so parents could see the actual book covers.
  • Students examined the traditions associated with Hispanic cultural celebrations through a visit with author Xavier Garza. 3rd and 5th grade students created sugar skulls when learning about el Dia de los Muertos observance.
  • Students participated in a spring reading campaign hosted by the librarian and family specialist, which included daily reading activities for Read Across America, a read-a-thon fundraiser, home library book distribution, and family reading incentives.
  • Students participated in multiple reading promotions throughout the year, such as the Fairy Tale Bowl, Battle of the Books, Read Around the School, and the Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages program.
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  • The librarian collaborated with 3rd-grade teachers to reinforce learning of Freytag’s Pyramid. Students listened to a story and were given manipulatives to arrange on student-created plot mountains. Students took plot mountains back to class and used them to plot other stories they were reading. Students then returned and coded Ozobots to move along their created plot mountains.
  • The librarian collaborated with 5th grade teachers to extend the learning of the author's purpose as applied to multiple forms of text. Students worked together to identify and learn vocabulary integral to the learning standard while reading.
  • Second and third grade students enjoyed a deep dive into the elements of traditional fairy tales by exploring the many titles in the Dewey section of 398.2 in the library. Students eagerly applied these elements by creating stories using the library’s fairy tale dice game.
  • Fourth and fifth grade students used the library resource, Encyclopedia Britannica, to learn about a past president to identify life events and characteristics that might have influenced him to become a president. Students then used a Venn diagram to compare themselves to the past president and share their findings with their group.

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Lesson Spotlight

Before reading the picture book, Panda Problems, students in Kindergarten developed an anticipation guide about pandas. After reading the fun book, students then worked together to generate questions they still had about pandas. Using their anticipation guides, the students observed pandas in action via live feed online “panda cams” to record their observations of pandas. After debriefing, students reviewed and clarified their questions before exploring other library resources (PebbleGo, physical books, and eBooks) to learn more about pandas. Finally, students shared their findings through a variety of student-created products.



  • Working with the counselor and family specialist, we hosted our campus “Grand” parent event in our library and Make Space after school. Students and their “Grands” came together to make memories with an art project, refreshments, and a chance to visit the book fair.
  • Working with the counselor and family specialist, we hosted an entire week of activities for Education-Go Get It. Students and their families learned about the NEISD C-TEC and magnet opportunities available in NEISD, created dream boards, and attended multiple sessions during career day.
  • Working with the assistant principal and Instructional Technology Specialist, we kicked off the Connected Classroom district initiative. Every student in grades 2-5 received a Chromebook and Chromebook boot camp lessons on best practices.
  • Collaborating with teachers at each grade level throughout the year, we completed several mini-guided inquiry research projects. Students learned to generate quality questions and to use multiple library resources to develop a deeper understanding and to share their learning.

Collaboration Spotlight

Creating excitement and celebrating the joy of reading is one of the most basic tenets of librarianship because once a child becomes a reader, they become unstoppable. Having the chance to influence student reading outside the campus walls is always a challenge. With our campus family specialist, we were able to provide a total of 10 books to every student on our campus this year for their home libraries. Students and families were delighted to have books to keep at home. Several students co mmented that these were the first books they’d ever owned. This collaboration provided multiple opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to unite over books and literacy. What a great activity!


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Campus Leader

  • As part of a team of “game changers,” I attended a two-day professional development program at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA, in September 2022. We learned better ways to engage students, promote academic excellence, build relationships, and create a positive climate and culture. What an amazing opportunity to bring positive change to our community!
  • In addition to modeling the use of grade-level appropriate library resources during weekly library lessons for students and their teachers during the fall semester, I was able to present professional development for all staff on using Learning Ally. After the training, usage statistics for Learning Ally increased significantly, going from six readers on campus to 142 and from 145 pages read to 1,417 in just two weeks.
  • As part of our campus Leadership Team, we worked with teachers to transform the traditional parent/teacher conference structure into a more collaborative setting using the Academic Parent Teaching Team model in grades 2, 3, and 5. These events resulted in increased learning and collaboration between parents, teachers, and children, and the librarian, family specialist, and principal being invited to attend Harvard University in July 2023.
  • As part of our campus testing committee, I assisted the Campus Testing Coordinator in preparing staff for the STAAR exams. We coordinated testing protocols, student accommodations, and general testing procedures for students in grades 3-5.
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