• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • The librarian celebrated International Dot Day with K-5 by reading the book to all classes and then having them participate in a dot day related activity. Students in lower grades made Dot Day hats while those in upper grades created their own dots using paper plates.
  • The librarian hosted a Graphic Novel book tasting with 3rd thru 5th grade. Students were able to preview newly purchased graphic novels before they were placed on display for check out and create a list of their favorites that they would like to check out.
  • The librarian hosted Hour of Code during enrichment time with the SMARTE Lab teacher for all K-5 students. Kinder through 2nd grade used iPads and were able to access an Hour of Code choice board that was created for them, while 3rd through 5th used Chromebooks to access their choice board. The choice boards displayed various games that were hyperlinked to the Hour of Code website which took students to the game (i.e. Dance Party, Minecraft, Code Spark, Kodable).
  • The librarian promoted a fall reading challenge which required students to write down their favorite book title and explain why they like that book on a paper turkey feather. Students were also given the opportunity to participate in a spring reading challenge. They had to read a certain number of minutes, color a four leaf clover for every ten minutes they read, and then submit their challenge paper to the librarian. Students who participated received a free book, smelly bookmark and eraser.
  • The librarian introduced a lesson about the job duties of an architect and construction worker. Students in K-5 were able to create their own structures using Keva Planks, and then as a whole group they compared and contrasted their building process with that of an architect or construction worker.
Kindergarten students holding The Dot book
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

Students at table looking at activity handout


  • The librarian met with 1st grade GLC regarding the topic for research. The librarian curated resources and distributed the resources to each grade level teacher.
  • The librarian collaborated with the 2nd grade GLC regarding a mini biography unit and discussed the various reading levels of students. The librarian gathered a variety of resources to be used in the classroom and provided them to the GLC for distribution to the grade level monolingual teachers.
  • Black History Month Spotlight (K-5th), Who is Mae Jemison? The SMARTE Lab teacher provided a video of Mae Jemison being interviewed by children and introduced the lesson topic. The librarian read a children’s book about Mae then provided students with their own Mae Jemison inquiry book. Students provided 2-3 facts about Mae, wrote down and illustrated some of their dreams, and what they would do if they were an astronaut.

Student creating his own ancient artifact example out of clay.

Lesson Spotlight



  • The librarian collaborated with the SMARTE Lab teacher on modifying and implementing a holiday choice board lesson in Seesaw for 3rd -5th students. Students used Chromebooks during their SMARTE lab enrichment time to access Seesaw and work on the choice board.
  • The librarian collaborated with five different grade level teachers in K-2nd to gather data (medical and/or behavior observations) regarding their designated 504 students. Any data collected included academic performance, current interventions being used, medical information, and feedback of any additional accommodations that might be helpful for the student.
  • The librarian collaborated with her assigned Library Services PLC group to create a Frayer Model graphic organizer for a specific nonfiction book. Each group member shared a nonfiction book title from their own school library, filled out the graphic organizer, and then shared it with the group. This collaboration provided hands-on learning and familiarity with using a new approach in order to help students before reading to activate background knowledge, during reading to monitor vocabulary, or
  • The librarian collaborated with the 504 Director throughout the school year via Teams meetings to update information for annual meetings for existing 504 students such as accommodations and teacher feedback. Additional collaboration took place for new 504 student referrals in order to enter all necessary information into Frontline such as medical diagnosis, teacher feedback, and determining student accommodations based on all information that was gathered.

Collaboration Spotlight

The librarian collaborated with the SMARTE Lab teacher to brainstorm and implement keyboarding lessons and quizzes for 2nd -5th grade students in order to better prepare them for the change to online state assessments. The campus goal for this school year is for students in grades 2nd through 5th to have consistent and frequent opportunities to work on keyboarding skills during their SMARTE enrichment time. The end result was students being able to identify different keys on a keyboard, learn proper hand placement, be aware of correct posture while typing, and increase their typing speed.


Student taking the keyboarding quiz

Campus Leader

  • The librarian created a 504 training video for all certified staff regarding procedures, accommodation requirements, and district required training in Eduphoria. There was also a 504 mandatory support meeting held for all K-5 teachers to answer any questions they had pertaining to the accommodations listed if they had a 504 student.
  • The librarian promoted various Olmos library lessons and activities via the school Facebook page and created a newsletter that contained 1st semester library happenings that was sent to administration.
  • The librarian assisted parents with registration for a school library account and provided them with information regarding checkout policy/procedures.
Media Club students doing morning announcements
Librarians constructing a basketball hoop for STEM challenge