• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • The library program included Reading Promotions and Challenges connected to student skill needs: Fall Reading Challenge, Literary Pumpkin Patch, Winter Reading Challenge, 14 Books in 14 Days, and a Bookmark Contest. Author’s purpose, main idea, and summary are the skills that are most frequently requested from our 3rd - 5th grade teachers. Reading Challenges included the following skills: main idea, summary, author’s purpose, and character analysis.
  • The library hosted two virtual author visits: Aaron Reynolds and Mo Willems. Prior to the visits, students took part in an author study which tied in our online resources and core curricular areas. For example, students tied in their math skills to learn if they were taller or shorter than Aaron Reynolds and used their research skills to learn more about him. This process allowed students to be more engaged with the virtual visit as it increased their curiosity and led to great questioning.
  • The library hosted a Battle of the Books Competition for 4th grade students. Three teams competed with one team advancing to the MacArthur Cluster Battle. Each team is responsible for reading and comprehending 10 books. The librarian works closely with the Battle of the Books teams to prepare and guide them for competition.
  • The library celebrated Read Across America Week & Children’s Book Week. For both celebrations, students and staff took part in dress up days and focused reading. Each day students were encouraged to read a certain genre and teachers were encouraged to provide a read aloud with the assigned genre. Both celebration weeks allowed the librarian to spiral back on genre studies.
  • The library hosted two Scholastic Book Fairs (Fall & Spring). Funds were used for new soft seating for students.
Read Across America
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Student group using online resources


  • 1st - 5th grade students participated in structured conversations paired with student skill needs. Students made the most out of their interactions with their peers during this process. Modeling and practicing structured conversations provided a critical foundation for future discussions in the library for research, inquiry, etc.
  • 3rd - 5th: For Women’s History Month, students studied multiple informational and biographical content through video and poetry. Students discussed the author's purpose and analyzed the document's text features and determined which content was most valuable with learning about the individual or group. Students then created their own Google Slides inserting a video and text document (book, poetry, article) to be analyzed by their peers.
  • PreK- 5th grade participated in library lessons on Monthly Celebrations - Hispanic Heritage, Black History, Women’s History, Poetry Month. Students utilized online resources to further their understanding of self-selected individuals or groups to learn more about their contributions. Teachers were given a copy of the lesson with classroom extensions provided through Google Slides. Extensions were created to connect to current classroom instruction.
  • 1st - 5th students learned about a variety of pumpkins and discussed their physical appearance. Students then predicted how pumpkins get their shape. Was there any type of influence on the pumpkin's shape? Why are pumpkins shaped differently? How do they get their color? The librarian utilized Mystery Science (Discovery Education)- Pumpkin Inquiry to aid in student learning. In the end, students answered the following question: Can the shape of a pumpkin be altered? Why or Why not?
  • PreK - 5th participated in learning the life cycle of a Monarch Butterfly. The librarian utilized PebbleGo, Learn360, and print books to gain deeper knowledge of the transformation from caterpillar to monarch. Multiple habitats were also housed in the library throughout the school year to observe.

Vice Principal with 5th grade class

Lesson Spotlight

3rd - 5th Author’s Purpose Through collaboration with ELAR 3rd - 5th grade teachers, teams requested a curricular spiral back on author’s purpose. A variety of approaches to gain more knowledge of the strand were utilized such as multiple choice questions, scenarios, and Capstone ebooks. Whole group instruction and practice were done on the big screen. A book cover was displayed with a short description to determine the author’s purpose (Can you judge a book by its cover?). Using Chromebooks, students then partnered up to work through another series of slides containing a book and description to determine the author’s purpose. Independent work was sent out using Google Classroom where students had to work through a series of books independently to identify the author’s purpose. As an extension, students created their own Google slide with a book selected from Capstone and a short description to be added to a class Google Slide Presentation for the teacher to use as a mini lesson.



  • The Librarian collaborated with district and MacArthur cluster librarians throughout the school year to network, share lesson ideas, prepare for Battle of the Books, evaluate our library programs, and participate in various trainings.
  • The Librarian collaborated with 3rd - 5th grade teachers throughout the school year to integrate reading skills into library lessons. These collaborations allowed for teachers and librarian to deliver lessons that were meaningful, current, and relevant to student learning. This collaboration also allowed for a seamless transition from library lesson extensions to classroom lessons.
  • The Librarian collaborated with 1st grade teachers for an inquiry lesson on Seasons, Bodies of Water, and Polar Bears. With guidance, students used Chromebooks to expand their knowledge. The librarian used Learn360 and Discovery Education for whole group and supported and guided students with their own learning using Pebblego. Students created a class book on seasons, a Chatter Pix video to show what they learned about polar bears, and correctly labeled a body of water identifying features.
  • StoryWalks were used as a collaboration tool when working with 1st - 5th grade teachers. 1st grade students focused on characters and setting, and 2nd - 5th grade students on summary and details. Teachers were active participants and were paired up with another student to evaluate the story. Teachers were able to utilize the StoryWalk for the remainder of the month to introduce or spiral back on additional reading skills as the story was posted on the fence for all to read.
  • The Librarian collaborated with the Family Specialist for a monthly ’Read With Me’ event for PreK students and parents. Each month PreK parents were invited to join us in the library for a read aloud, lesson, and mini activity. Each lesson tied in nutrition and movement. Parents who participated received a copy of the book being used for the day to add to their home library and practice reading with their child each day.

Collaboration Spotlight

Working with our Speech Language Pathologist has opened up a beautiful ‘Butterfly World’ here at Oak Grove. It started with her simple question to me, “Will you raise a monarch caterpillar in the library?” The rest is history. Our collaboration began last year and continues today. Each year we have assisted teachers with raising monarch caterpillars in their classroom so students can witness, study, and evaluate the amazing process from caterpillar to monarch. The transitional learning from classroom to library is quite effective and lends itself nicely to the inquiry process. Mrs. Tabares and I work together to educate our students and staff about the monarch life cycle. This year we added 3 new teachers to experience the process in the classroom with their students. We received approval to begin creating a space in our Oak Grove garden to house an outdoor monarch habitat. Through this collaboration, authentic learning will continue to be at the fingertips for all.


Butterfly lesson

Campus Leader

  • The Librarian trained staff on a variety of online resources while instructing students with inquiry lessons. Pebblego, Britannica, Learn360, Discovery Education (Mystery Science), National Geographic, Capstone, Sora, Teaching Books, and the Oak Grove catalog are some of the resources teachers were trained on while experiencing library lessons. Through interactive student lessons, she simultaneously shares and demonstrates for teachers how to integrate resources into everyday classroom lessons.
  • Community participation, donations and partnerships allow the library program to foster and shine. This year all 1st grade students received a bilingual book from the Kiwanis Club, This donation was set up through the district. The library was also recognized by Rey Feo with a book donation. Parents and community were invited to our Book Character Parade as it highlighted students and the library. This year's parade highlighted our Battle of the Books participants and BookMark contest winners.
  • The Librarian co-manages the campus social media facebook page to share information with the community. Postings highlighting the library program are shared at least once a month. The Librarian participated in website redesign this year for revamping of the Oak Grove website to make meaningful connections with the students, staff, and community.
  • The Librarian is the morning announcements sponsor, a member of the Technology Committee, Campus Improvement Committee, Crisis Team, Collaborative Team Facilitator (CTF), and is a Texas Computer Education Association Member( TCEA). These committees and organizations keep the librarian up to date with campus needs and the world of technology.
  • The Librarian attended a variety of professional development throughout the year including Region 20 Learning & Libraries Virtual Conference, TELPAS & STAAR training, Enhancing Instruction with GALE Resources, Trauma Sensitive School Training, Structured Conversations, Let’s Talk About STEM, TeachingBooks, and Get Elementary Students Excited about Reading. All professional development is used to evaluate and enhance our library program and offerings.
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