• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • Coordinated a virtual author visit for 2nd through 5th graders with Aaron Reynolds to learn about his Fart Quest Series. The illustrator of the series was part of Zoom to share about the project.
  • Reading Promotions such as Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages given to students who read 10 hours, Read around the School (coordinated reading buddies went around the school to listen to teachers read various books), Read Across America (Students listen/read different titles for the week and also dressed up), Summer Reading Programs for students to avoid the summer slide.
  • Book vending grant was written and received through NorthEast Educational Foundation. Through the grant a machine and books to fill the machine with brand new Scholastic Books. The grant was written for kids to earn coins each day that show academic, behavior, or attendance progress or an overall Leader of the school.
  • Monthly Book Spotlights were created using print materials in a book display such as Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, Author Birthdays, Poetry Month
  • Participation in Literary pumpkin patch (students picked a favorite literary character to create a dressed up pumpkin to display near the library). This is a great way for students to make connections to literature and show off their artistic and creative side. We had over 125 students participate.
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Students taking notes on upstander


  • The Library was transformed into a restaurant for 2nd through 5th Genre Tasting: students spent 10 minutes at each table and wrote characteristics of the books that were at the table and determined what was the genre of all the books at that table.
  • In order to prepare students for research units in K-2nd grades several lessons teaching a sketchnote technique were used. Students learned how to take notes through sketchnoting different topics such as turkeys, polar bears, notable people.
  • Kinder researched animals learning about print and online resources, taking sketchnotes, crediting resources, and creating a digital book in SeeSaw. First and second grade students researched animals with a twist on how the animal adapts and depends on the environment for survival. Students used Pebble Go, took notes and created digital books in SeeSaw. 5th researched the value of National Parks in the United States and wrote a persuasive paper on why they should be preserved.
  • Kinder Fiction and Nonfiction scavenger hunt; students in kinder went through the fiction and nonfiction areas of the library looking for books with different topics and determined whether the book was fiction or nonfiction.
  • Veterans Day Bootcamp with PE and Library for all grade levels; collaborated with PE teacher to instruct about “What is a Veteran?” through nonfiction slideshow then students exercised through boot camp. Students’ favorite activity was having the moms and dads that are in the military or a veteran themselves call out different exercises as though they were in Boot Camp.

Student Writing See think Wonder notes

Lesson Spotlight

First grade students gained understanding about how animals depend on other animals to survive. Students saw a still picture of two animals and completed a “See, Think, Wonder” organizer to share their observations and had the opportunity to share their thoughts. Then students watched the 3 minute video clip to see if the question they wondered was answered during the video. Of the first graders, 95% of students could successfully express their thoughts on the “See, Think, Wonder” organizer.



  • Madison Cluster Elementary Librarian Monthly Meeting: Each month the elementary librarians in the Madison cluster meet for a working lunch to plan lessons, brainstorm, discuss ideas and support each other.
  • Modeling sketchnotes with teachers and students to use in classroom, teachers observe and ask questions about sketchnoting to support the inquiry model with K-2.
  • STEAM collaboration; met with STEAM teachers to plan and organize lessons, ordered materials, attended STEAM training to support STEAM assistants. STEAM is visited by students once a week during enrichment rotations.
  • Collaboration on research units; met with grade levels to discuss research units and organize a schedule that works best for the team.
  • Family Specialist for Mommy and me Class; I met with Ana Bernal for three different scheduled classes to plan and organize a story time and a time for Storywalk outside.

Collaboration Spotlight

Our ITS and I collaborated and provided teacher staff development on Exit Tickets for Common Formative Assessment (CFA). We focused on different exit tickets with student success and understanding in mind. Teachers were given many examples and had to pick one example that they could use with students right away and share that example with the group. Teachers shared that these exit tickets can be used before and after a TEK taught or at the end of teaching a particular TEK. At the end, teachers then created an Exit ticket that can be utilized throughout the campus. This was a very successful PD because many exit tickets were used with students for their CFA that were used to collect data in the PLC Data meetings and share outs.


Teaching to staff Exit Tickets

Campus Leader

  • Worked with the Assistant Principal to pick up and disperse obsolete iPads and Chromebooks. During the year was available to troubleshoot technology issues on campus. I also was the Web Page Coordinator on campus.
  • Book fair occurs 3 times a year with one family night for the community. Book fair money is used for various library materials and programming. This year we focused on a new library circulation desk and a new presentation table.
  • Post on Twitter @SteubingRanLib about once a month. Posts are informing stakeholders about Library activities, programs, and lessons during the school year.
  • Served on the Leadership team for campus which includes weekly meetings, helping with campus needs, and being available to support administration
  • Texas Library Association Conference - Learning New and innovative ideas to use in the library for planning, programming, and space. Plan to implement #Classroombookaday in my teachers' classrooms which is a reading program to promote the joy of reading in the classroom.
Twitter Post on Kinder Lesson
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