• SCHOOL YEAR Impact Report


  • I sponsor two after-school clubs: Wonder League (Dash Robots) & Book Club. These clubs are designed to engage students in robotics and reading as well as create interest and curiosity.
  • I host several school-wide events including a Storybook Parade, Storybook Pumpkin Patch, and a Gingerbread STEAM Contest. These events encourage students to express their creativity and to discover the love and enjoyment of life-long reading.
  • I host four Battle of the Books each year (Fairy Tale, 4th grade, 5th grade & School-Wide). These battles focus on reading comprehension and create a healthy competition among peers and teachers alike.
  • This year we had author Julian Franklin visit us and Lucas Miller, the Singing Zoologist. During the Julian Franklin visit, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders participated in a book scavenger hunt where they used books to solve clues. Our Singing Zoologist visit was an incentive for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to read at least five Bluebonnet books.
  • Our Hour of Code was a huge hit with all grade levels. Examples of programs students used are Puppy Adventure, Dance Party, and Mindcraft. Students learned that coding is both fun and educational. They also learned the tools to create movement within a video game.
Storybook Parade
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

1st grade Colonial Times Unit


  • 5th grade Wax Museum Research Unit: Students chose famous people throughout history and learned about their lives and how they impacted their communities. They wrote a research paper and a speech and then became the person in their wax museum presentation.
  • 1st grade Colonial Times Research Unit: Students learned what life was like during Colonial America through books and videos. At the end of the unit, they experienced different games and learning tools through hands-on activities in the library.
  • 2nd grade Famous Landmarks Research Unit: Students worked in groups to research a famous landmark and created a Sway presentation to present their information.
  • Kindergarten Animal Research Unit: Students worked in groups to research specific animals to learn about their bodies, habitats, food, life cycle, and fun facts. They gathered information and shared what they learned on poster boards. Students then presented the poster boards to their peers.
  • 4th grade Notable Texans Research Unit: Students chose famous Texans to research and learned what made them notable. They then created a Sway presentation to teach their classmates about the Texans they researched.

3rd Grade Green Screen

Lesson Spotlight

During Holocaust Remembrance Week, our 3rd and 4th graders heard the story The Cats in Krasenski Square. It’s a very moving picture book based on true events that occurred in Poland during WWII. After reading the story, students completed a mini-research unit on Poland using PebbleGo, Britannica School, and library books we had spread amongst the tables. Students were very successful in completing this task and learned where Poland is located, what language is spoken, the capital, etc. Afterward several students checked out books that would further their learning.



  • I collaborate with my PLC group of librarians often throughout the school year. We discuss different ideas to incorporate into our lessons, problem/solution situations that arise, and more.
  • I collaborated with my 3rd grade teachers to support their students in studying poetry. Using library technology and resources, students practiced using personification, imagery, and similies while writing poems. Then students used the website Poetry Machine to generate poems using many of the figures of speech they studied.
  • I spoke with teachers throughout the year to get their input on book orders for our library. They gave me insight into different genres and picture books that would help to enhance their lessons as well as support their TEKS.
  • 3rd grade teachers spoke with me about teaching inferencing, as it is one of the grade level TEKS and a weak spot for many students. To help support the teachers and students in the library, I found a fairy tale murder mystery activity on the Teachers Pay Teachers website that required students to infer using clues from different passages. They had to figure out who the murderer was by piecing together what they knew, and what they discovered from the clues.
  • As a member of the Website Redesign Team, I collaborated with our principal and fellow teachers to decide what would be best for our newly designed website. We discussed the key words that should be used, the things we wanted to highlight about our campus as well as images that would best communicate our vision to our parents.

Collaboration Spotlight

At the beginning of the school year, I met with 4th and 5th graders about a TEK that could be highlighted in the library. We decided that vocabulary was an area of weakness and therefore made that a focus throughout the year. I modified the game Heads Up so that one side had the vocabulary word, and the other had the definition. Students played with a partner who would give them clues without the actual definition, and they had to guess the word. It was a lot of fun and teachers saw an improvement in their classroom assessments.


Students playing Heads Up and gaining vocabulary knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

Campus Leader

  • I showed teachers how to use the interactive lessons in Mystery Science that are included within Discovery Education. This is a great tool that allows teachers to find engaging lessons that follow the TEKS and support classroom curriculum.
  • I have hosted one Pre-K Power Hour in our library this year. This program invites all non-school aged children to visit our campus and participate in story time, crafts, music and movement.
  • I make it a point to tweet using the library Twitter account (@HiddenForestLib) about the happenings in our library at least once every two weeks. I know the importance of showing the community and school leaders how much we do for our schools, so I make it one of my top priorities.
  • I am a co-sponsor of our Student to Student Program which encourages young leaders to help new students acclimate to our campus. We chose students from each grade level to be our Falcon Friends. These students are responsible for taking new students under their wings and ensuring they have someone to sit with at lunch, play with at recess, etc. It has made a very big impact on our campus.
  • Through our district librarian professional development meetings, I have learned how to use numerous platforms including STEM challenges, the Frayer model, Visible Thinking, and more. I always love coming back to my campus and sharing what I’ve learned with my teachers.
Preschool Power Hour
Student to Student