• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • Promotion of reading a variety of genres by spotlighting specific genres each month with rich text for student choice and exposure. Using book talks, personal recommendations, and whole group read alouds with all ages.
  • Encourage participation in various monthly reading promotions to promote and celebrate student reading experiences such as Literary Pumpkin Patch, character dress up days during Read Across America Week, Fall Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break Reading Challenges. Texas Bluebonnet Award Voting for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades as well as sharing Texas 2x2 stories with Pre K, Kinders, 1st, and 2nd grades.
  • Facilitating and celebrating reading traditional stories with Fairy Tale Bowl for 2nd Grade. Promoting reading for pleasure using a variety of authors and genres with Battle of the Books for 4th and 5th Grades. Exposing them to great literature through author visits both virtual and in person.
  • Partnering with PTA to engage our families in learning about other cultures and traditions represented within our school community.
  • Frequent Collaboration with grade levels to ensure the lessons provided in the library support TEKS. By collaborating we are able to address areas where more and enriched instruction is needed to support teachers and deepen student learning.
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  • Lessons with Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grades on how to take notes using multiple texts and a variety of organization methods. Frequent lessons including summarization, and reflection using EduProtocol techniques.
  • Lessons taught with 2nd through 5th Grades about questions. Teaching how to narrow or grow your search to gather information to get to the heart of the inquiry, starting with how to develop THICK and Thin Questions.
  • Lessons modeling metacognition and thinking. Talking through, or thinking out loud, deliberate modeling of recognizing text to self connections, text to text connections, and questioning while reading to deepen comprehension of the text through internalization.
  • Lessons with all grade levels using biographies and modeling timeline creation for chronological organization of information.
  • Pre K and Kinder lessons to reinforce science concepts taught in the classroom such as cycles of the seasons, and seed cycle. Multiple lessons with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades using a variety of Library resources to encourage familiarity with where to locate specific types of information. Supporting science TEKs as an example, Cycles and Patterns in Nature such as the rock cycle, phases of the moon and Fibonacci’s patterns in nature.

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Lesson Spotlight



  • Collaborated with cluster Librarians on morning announcements. We spent time talking about ideas on how to address a variety of topics such as how to build announcement teams of students for the next school year, how to get teacher input, and what sort of things to announce. Other collaboration efforts include Battle of the Books, Fairy Tale Battle, Holocaust Remembrance lessons, and reading promotion.
  • Collaborated with the 3rd grade team on the earth science unit on the rock cycle. Introduced the unit first with books and library resources. The Librarian made arrangements and hosted a guest presenter who facilitated hands-on learning with each of the grade level classes discussing the three types of rock and the formation.
  • Collaborated with 4th grade teachers to create a school wide March Madness reading promotion. Classes nominate their favorite picture book to add to the competition. We posted the bracket on a bulletin board near the Library. Books were read, students voted, and the brackets were updated until we arrived at the winner! Circulation of these books has grown due to this contest. Participation was optional and most classes opted to join the fun. Students already want to nominate for next year!
  • Specific, intentional, and frequent collaboration with a 5th grade reading teacher using meaningful literature to deepen concepts and model processes being taught in the classroom. Providing lessons with each class every other week for 30 – 45 minute lessons.
  • Collaboration with our family specialist to engage our preschool parents and students. The goal has been to make the transition to school as smooth as possible. They are making friends in our time together and becoming familiar with the library as well as other places in the school. By having positive experiences students and families are excited to be a part of our school community. Currently, our Family Specialist and I are meeting in the Library weekly with students and parents.

Collaboration Spotlight

One of the collaborations I am most proud of is the work with our ALE teacher to ensure that all our students have access to the Library and Library materials. Some years we make this goal, and this year we have found success. The class comes as a whole group most weeks for weekly Library lessons and free choice book check out. SORA is used frequently so all students can see the pages of the eBook projected. In one particular lesson while reading a SORA eBook, some of the students were reading the words out loud unassisted. We wished we had been filming a particular student reading to show their mom the gains the student has made utilizing Sora eBooks. We all value our weekly time together in the Library. Students are engaged and look forward to Library time and new books each week.


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Campus Leader

  • Library Resource Refresh for teachers at the beginning of the school year during campus training days. Lessons are often taught at the point of need working one on one with teachers or with grade levels to address specific needs.
  • Three sessions of Library orientation for parents in conjunction with grade level orientation night. I share how parents can access Library Resources and how they can encourage reading at home.
  • Regular contributions to the Principal’s weekly email as well as specific Library announcements through email blasts as well as tweeting about special events and what is happening in the Library.
  • I am a part of the leadership team, I put together the daily morning announcements and coordinate with PTA to encourage student involvement and participation in events. I am also part of the Student to Student team that works with students who are selected to welcome and ease the transition of new students to our campus.
  • I participated in a one day training for the Student to Student program to help a team of students from our campus be student ambassadors for new students coming to our school. We want all to know they are welcome.
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