• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • Hosted a variety of author visits, including Nathan Hale, Dan Gemeinhart, Emma Virjan, Jeff Mack, and Aaron Reynolds, motivating students to read, write and inquire
  • Sponsored the Tuscany Heights Library Lifesavers Club and launched the inaugural THE Librarian for the Day experience, where students assisted in the ins and outs of running a successful library program
  • Organized and promoted 3rd-5th Grade Battle of the Books reading incentive program that introduced students to quality children’s literature while inspiring them to select a variety of genres
  • Implemented the 2X2 March Madness reading program where PK-2nd grade students listened to a variety of picture books and voted for their favorite title each week using a Google Forms ballot
  • Paired the pet-themed fall book fair with donating to the Bulverde Area Humane Society, encouraging students to give back to their community by providing for local area homeless animals
Students looking at mail from visiting author
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

students collaborating


  • Incorporated The Great American Race EduProtocol (an instructional lesson frame) to inspire 4th-grade students to become experts on native Texan tribes; After using digital and print resources for research, students created Google Slides presentations with pictures and written clues to challenge classmates to guess the name of the ‘mystery tribe’; This lesson inspired critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity
  • Facilitated 1st grade Guided Inquiry Unit where students researched recreational activities from long ago and today using online resources, print resources, and structured play; after student groups played with replicas of toys from the 1700s, each child created SeeSaw videos comparing and contrasting old-fashioned games to modern forms of recreation
  • Conducted 3rd Grade Rapid Changes in the Earth’s Crust Guided Inquiry Research Unit focusing on exploring, investigating, creating, and reflecting; before researching, students spent time exploring library resources by participating in an online resource/Google Docs scavenger hunt focused on natural disasters; students then gathered information about a self-selected research topic; created a pic collage and presented to classmates; reflected on learning process through a student survey
  • Used PebbleGo QR codes to encourage independent research of Hispanic Americans in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month; students shared facts with peers (think, pair share) and then presented biographical information to the entire class focusing on accuracy and fundamental presentation skills
  • Highlighted Poetry Month and reinforced classroom lessons by focusing on elements of poetry and various styles of poetry; students used online resources, including PebbleGo and Gale in Context, to research famous people; concluded unit by having students write an original cinquain about the studied person; reviewed call numbers and had students select titles from the 811 section of the library with a focus on reading for enjoyment

Older student assisting younger student with research

Lesson Spotlight

The librarian introduced ladybug research to kindergarten students in simple steps. To generate excitement, students shared background knowledge. They helped the librarian create a ladybug fact chart to display in the library. Kindergarteners then partnered with 5th-grade reading buddies. The librarian modeled the note-taking process, and 5th graders helped their partners navigate PebbleGo and assisted them in determining the main ideas. Kindergarteners wrote keywords and drew pictures to represent important information. After reviewing notes with the librarian, kindergarten students created picto-facts, visual representations of their notes. Students shared their illustrations to reinforce newly acquired knowledge. Finally, kindergartners checked out live ladybugs from the library. The librarian contacted families and encouraged them to conduct a ladybug field study at home. Kindergarteners reflected on their learning.



  • Collaborated with Reagan Cluster librarians each nine-week period and Zoomed with a small group of NEISD librarians on Thursday afternoons to discuss curriculum development, resource curation, student engagement, and library best practices to ensure that library stakeholders benefit from a rigorous yet enjoyable library program
  • Met with the 2nd-grade team and jointly created a fairy tale unit that focused on 2nd-grade TEKS, including elements of a story and author’s purpose; curated a diverse selection of fairy tales for each classroom and organized the 2022 Fairy Tale Bowl, a family event where classroom teams displayed their knowledge of classic fairy tales in a friendly game-show-style competition
  • Worked with PK-5th grade teachers to plan Read around the School, a school-wide reading program that creates community while emphasizing the importance of reading aloud; curated a collection of picture books that focused on celebrating a nation of diverse readers and encouraged staff and student camaraderie by creating ‘buddy classes’ that allowed students and teachers to pair up for literacy events
  • Developed a fall ‘Drop Everything and Read’ event in tandem with HEB’s Read 3 program; Worked with PK-5th grade teachers to create a fun 30-minute reading window during the school day when students were encouraged to read in a variety of creative ways: camping with books, reading by flashlight or heading outdoors to read favorite titles; promoted the event on social media to empower THE families to focus on the importance of reading daily
  • Facilitated one of the Librarian Collaborative Teams working closely with a group of 8 librarians as part of the North East Librarian Professional Learning Community (PLC); discussed implementing library best practices, provided input on updating the library materials reconsideration policy, trained in/utilized EduProtocal techniques and other methods to showcase current books and present guided inquiry methods with colleagues

Collaboration Spotlight

The librarian teamed with 2nd grade teachers to create a robust animal research unit that supported a variety of ELAR TEKS. This unit provided students with the opportunity to explore and gather information on self-selected topics (animals), create original non-fiction books, share newly-learned information, and reflect on their library research/learning experiences verbally and in writing. Students used print and online resources to take notes and cite sources. In the classroom, students used their notes to create non-fiction animal books. Student authors also utilized self-editing and peer-editing techniques to help them focus on accurate sentence structure, correct capitalization, proper punctuation and voice. Students shared their writing in small groups. Each class selected their favorite titles, and the librarian prepared them for patron checkout. Finally, students reflected on the research/writing process by writing letters to the librarian.


Librarian presenting with 2nd grade teacher

Campus Leader

  • Co-taught Learning Ally staff training with the Instructional Intervention Teacher (IIT); continued to inform staff of Learning Ally updates and assisted with Learning Ally questions ensuring that students with dyslexia and other reading deficits continue to have access to an audiobook program that promotes engagement, retention, and comprehension
  • Provided choir students with the opportunity to build community through sharing picture books with local senior citizens; chaperoned the visit to the retirement center and led a read-aloud with residents and students after explaining the benefits of reading aloud at every age
  • Advocated for the Tuscany Heights Library program through campus bulletin boards, Twitter, Facebook, and a weekly newsletter highlighting the value of library resources, weekly lessons, and special events that benefit students, community members, and staff
  • Represented the library and specials team by participating in Campus Improvement Committee (CIC) meetings advocating for library programs and technology needs; presented a proposal (approved on 4/27/22) to restructure the current computer lab to meet the needs of students and staff members
  • Attended a Holocaust Education Teacher Workshop presented by The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio, focusing on how to utilize picture books and other literature to build a solid foundation for Holocaust lessons with connections to character education and social studies TEKS
Students reading with senior citizens
Student broadcasting team preparing for daily announcements