• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • Tinker Time in the library happens once a month for all students. The focus of this library program is to promote the development of social skills, collaboration, and problem-solving.
  • Author visits occur 1-2 times a year. Students hear from published authors about their books, the writing process, and the path they used to get their books published. This year students met authors Dan Gemeinhart and Nathan Hale. We also had a bonus visit from a self-published parent author and illustrator, Mel Michel.
  • Bluebonnet Readers are students that have read 5 or more Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominee books. After reading a title, students took a Google Form quiz to get credit for reading each book and were issued a brag tag to add to their necklace to show they have read that book. We had over 100 students read 5 or more of these books this year!
  • Read Across America was celebrated the week of February 28-March 4, 2022. Students participated in Dr. Seuss-themed dress-up days, shopped our book fair, and were given books purchased by our PTA to “Read Across BCE,” along with reading stories in their classrooms.
  • Preschool Storytime was started this year to draw in our future BCE Texans and provide them with an opportunity to get familiar with the library and school staff. In February and April, children were invited to join for a story read-aloud, fun crafts, and themed stations. The children also left with a book of their choice to keep. Next school year storytimes will be held in October, December, February, and April.
Students building a bridge with blocks
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

Students practicing coding with a robot


  • Students read a fiction book about spiders and then got to meet a tarantula that we had as a visitor to the library. Students then made a spider craft to take home with them.
  • Students learned about the life cycle of chickens through nonfiction text. In the library, there was an incubator with fertilized chicken eggs. Students got to watch the life cycle in action during their library visits. Some of the hatchings were captured on video and shared with the school. Students got to see the baby chicks after they hatched and pop in during the day on the chicken cam.
  • In September students got to learn about Sea Otter Awareness Week sponsored by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Students learned about the role sea otters play in the marine ecosystem and the effects of a decline in the otter population. After learning about the food chain, students got to check out otters on the aquarium’s live otter cam.
  • Students learned about bee farms and how important bees are as pollinators for plants. After reading about their role, students got to sample honey in the library. They ended their library visit by learning coding fundamentals using the library’s BeeBots.
  • STEM is a recurring focus during library time. Students read the book, The Little Blue Bridge, and compared it with the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Afterward, students had to construct a bridge going across the “creek” that ran through the library. This activity required planning, collaboration with peers, problem-solving, and creativity.

A student observes a live worm

Lesson Spotlight

Students read What about Worms by Ryan T. Higgins. Following the story, students used EBSCO ebooks to learn more about worms. Students were provided with an investigation journal and a live worm! They got to touch, observe, and measure their worms then record their notes in their investigation journals. Students were using a variety of skills in this cross-curricular activity. They were able to compare and contrast fiction versus nonfiction, use their five senses to make observations, and utilize math skills by measuring with non-standard units of measurement. In addition, many students overcame fears by handling and observing live worms in addition to developing a respect for nature.



  • Our library’s Bluebonnet Book program is a major undertaking each year. Mrs. Morris partnered with the Castle Hills librarian to discuss tracking student and class progress, student incentives, and correlation to students’ reading performance in class to make decisions for the campus. In addition to collaborating on this year’s program, we are continuing to work on this to share with other Texas librarians at the TLA Annual Conference in 2023.
  • Mrs. Morris was assigned to work with Kindergarten during their grade level PLC. After analyzing MAP data from winter assessments, we decided it would be beneficial to start a Kindergarten Book Club that meets weekly in the library for high-performing students.
  • Mrs. Morris worked with 2nd grade teachers to host the Fairy Tale Battle. A booklist was selected, a qualifying test was given to form teams, and battle questions were made for the team competition in the library. Each class had a team and battled it out to determine the Fairy Tale Battle champion.
  • Mrs. Morris worked with the Pre-K teachers discussing the importance of play in their curriculum. We decided in an effort to work on their social emotional skill development, we would foster more play time in the library for their students. After students listen to the story and check out a book, they get to choose one of our creative play stations.
  • Mrs. Morris frequently collaborates with the campus Instructional Intervention Teacher on ways to help grow our struggling students. We discuss library resources that students and parents can use at home to help struggling dyslexic students such as Learning Ally and Sora.

Collaboration Spotlight

At the beginning of the school year, 5th grade teachers were wanting to base their reading units around pieces of literature. After speaking with 5th grade teachers and looking at their TEKS, it was determined that students would read Some of Kind of Courage by Dan Gemeinhart. In addition to using this novel to cover reading and social studies TEKS, the author of the book was scheduled for a visit in November to discuss this book and others. The library used book fair funds to purchase sets of books for the 5th grade classes. Classes did a novel study with this title and were actually able to meet the author and ask him specific questions they had after reading the story. Students and teachers were starstruck after reading this amazing title and had a chance to find the answer they were looking for and share with him the visualizations they created in their reading journals.


The winning Fairy Tale Battle Team holding their trophy.

Campus Leader

  • Mrs. Morris worked with the campus IIT to present digitally about Learning Ally to the campus. In addition, during a discussion about the use of technology purchased with ESSR funds in the classroom, led a snapshot training with the technology committee about Learning Ally and its beneficial features for students.
  • Mrs. Morris serves as staff representative on the PTA Executive Board. She attends monthly meetings with the board, serves on standing committees, and works closely with the volunteers to help with the coordination of events in the library.
  • Mrs. Morris serves on her campus leadership team and meets weekly with the other members to address different needs on campus. This is a perfect opportunity to gain support for the library programs during the school year and have input in campus decision-making.
  • Mrs. Morris is in charge of running the morning announcements program each day. She is responsible for updating the staff and students about things that are occurring on campus each day.
  • Mrs. Morris was fortunate to be able to attend the Texas Library Association Annual Conference in Ft. Worth this year. She was able to attend sessions that are applicable to our campus library program in addition to being able to hear about upcoming book releases and network with librarians from around the state.
A preschool story time student planting a flower
The Leadership Team working with the head of our district social media on our campus Facebook account