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    Gizmos (Explore Learning)

Initial Set Up & Log In

  • Explore Learning Gizmos is a supplemental resource for science classes in grades 8-12 that's accessible through the Science Folder in Launchpad. Teachers logging in for the first time will need to follow some initial set-up instructions.  Once initial set up is complete, teachers and students will be able to access Gizmos through Launchpad with a single click.

    If at any time the Gizmos roster through Launchpad is not working, teachers can utilize the generic login created by North East ISD by:

    This login will allow you to do whole group activities, but not assign Gizmos to your students. 

Gizmos Tech Support

  • If you are a teacher of record for students in an NEISD science class, you can reach out to Joette Rios or complete an NEISD help desk ticket for any of the following issues that occur:

    • Difficulty opening Gizmos through Launchpad
    • During initial set up, you receive the following messages
        • Unknown User
        • Your organization has not been properly affiliated with your group
    • No access to the correct grade level content
    • Student Roster does not have the correct students listed

    If you are not a teacher of record for an NEISD science class, but need to have access to EL Gizmos content, please contact our Implementation Manager, Jodi Barber-Harris.

    Once you have been able to login, users can create a link to Gizmos in Launchpad if they wish. 

    If you need support for the EL Gizmos product itself, you can call 1-866-882-7043 or reach out via email to Jodi Barber-Harris, our Implementation Manager.