STEM Academy High School Manufacturing Program


    Our manufacturing program is designed for those students who have an interest in delving deeper in to automation and how robotic integration impacts our involvement in the world around us. Students who are interested in learning how to design, produce and program robotics elements are encouraged to participate in this pathway.

    Students who are enrolled in our Manufacturing courses will have the opportunity to participate in our world-renown FRC Robotics Team - Team 5572 - Rosbots!

Manufacturing Program Students at a Robotics Competitions

STEM Academy High School Manufacturing Courses

  • Principles of Applied Engineering (H8250L):  provides an overview of the various fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and their interrelationships. Students develop engineering communication skills, which include computer graphics, modeling, and presentations, by using a variety of computer hardware and software applications to complete assignments and projects. Upon completing this course, students will have an understanding of the various fields of engineering and will be able to make informed career decisions. Further, students work on a design team to develop a product or system. Students will software applications to prepare and present course assignments

    In Robotics I (H8094L): students explore artificial intelligence and programming in the robotic and automation industry. Through implementation of the design process, students transfer academic skills to component designs in a project-based environment. Students will build prototypes and use software such as SolidWorks to test their designs.

    Robotics II* (H8095L):  This class is designed for those students that want to participate in Robotics competitions and is organized around the FRC (First Robotics Competition) format. Students are required to participate in extensive after school sessions and are required to take part at competitions. (* this course counts as a math credit)

    Practicum in Entrepreneurship (H8312L): Students will learn how to apply fundamental entrepreneurship principles, including sales, marketing, legal considerations, and finance in support of their entrepreneurial pursuits. They will learn how to move an idea from inception to production by developing a solution to a real-world problem. They will then learn how to form and launch their own company, go to market, and acquire customers.