• Mrs. Chavez’s Pre-K Virtual Schedule

    7:30-8:00           Breakfast 

    8:00-8:20           Login to Zoom for Morning Meeting and SEL Lesson

    8:20-8:55           Login to Seesaw for Independent SEL Activity

    8:55-9:45           Login to Specials through Seesaw (Click on PE class from 8:55-9:20 and Music class from 9:20-9:45)

    9:45-10:00         Login to Zoom for Literacy Lesson

    10:00-11:00       Login to Seesaw for Independent Literacy Activity & Small Group Instuction

    11:00-12:30       Lunch & Quiet Time

    12:30-12:50       Login to Zoom for Math Lesson

    12:50-1:20         Login to Seesaw for Independent Math Activity & Small Group Instruction

    1:20-2:20           Choice Time at Home/Student Directed Play

    2:20-2:35           Login to Zoom for Science/Social Studies Lesson/Enrichment

    2:35-2:50           Closing Activity/End of Day

    3:00-3:30           Mrs. Chavez Office Hours on Zoom (Mon,Tue,Thur,Fri)