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    E1 Policies

    Conduct grades: A student’s conduct grade can be demoted based on school-written policy violations. This can include tardies, classroom conduct, attitude, academic dishonesty, etc. If the conduct is severe enough, the teacher reserves the right to demote straight to a “u.” A student who receives a “U” will not be eligible for an exemption. Academic dishonesty referrals demote an “N” for the first offense and a “U” for the second and subsequent offenses. A student who receives a “U” for conduct will not be eligible for an exemption to the semester exam.

    Reteach and retest policy:   as per district policy. If 50% or more students fail an assessment (quizzes are not assessments), the teacher will re-assess using a different mode during classroom time. If less than 50% of students fail, a student can individually advocate for a retest during tutoring time.

    Grading Policy:  Grades are provided to communicate a student's mastery of the content and skills outlined in the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). 

    Grade categories for E1 are: Daily =50%; Quizzes =20%; Assessments = 30%; Semester exam=20%

    Link to Secondary Grading Guidelines

    Academic Integrity:  Plagiarism and/or cheating will not be tolerated at any point for any reason.  Giving your classmate your classwork is NEVER okay.  It's cheating and a violation of the honor code.  Link to Academic Dishonesty Protocol

    Credit protection--If students miss the original three-week deadlines, they will be required to make up assignments, usually different from what was completed in class, during in tutoring in the library, or with the teacher following the cut-off for the nine weeks grade in T1 (first nine weeks) and T3 (3rd nine weeks). All work must be completed in the presence of a proctor to ensure the product is the students. 

    Credit Recovery -–Students will receive credit ONLY – no grade change.

    Attendance:  In order to gain proficiency in literacy and writing skills, students must be in class on a daily basis.  State law requires that a student may not be given credit for a class unless the student is in attendance a minimum of 90% of the days a class is scheduled to meed.  This means no more than 9 absences per class, per semester.  

    Tardies:  Classes begin immediately at the bell.  Any student that arrives after the bell is considered tardy.  

     Cell phone use guidelines and procedures in the class include: 

    • As you enter the classroom, cell phones need to be put away in backpacks.  If you do not have a backpack, then they need to be placed in the Cell Phone Sitter.  The teacher must give permission to use cell phones during class for educational use of the device; this applies to all electronic devices.
    • Any misuse of a cell phone or any other electronic device will result in a referral and the device will be subject to removal from the student and turned in to the office.
    • There is a cell phone charging station that you plug your device into upon entering the classroom and it must be turned off and stay there until the end of class.

    Late Work:  Any assignment turned in past the due date will receive an automatic deduction of 20% from the final grade.

    Parent/Teacher Communication:  Email is the best way to communicate with me.  Parents may check grades on Parent Portal (available through the NEISD website) 24 hours a day.

    Make-up Work/Retesting:



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