• Quick Tips

    In General here are some quick tips to be successful in my class.

    • This year presents many challenges for students and teachers alike, so ask questions! It does not matter if it is over the content or how to use a website/platform, all questions are valid 
    • We will be using the following sites/platforms over the year, i tmay be useful to take a look at them.
      • Google Classroom/Google Suite 
      • Zoom
      • Flipgrid
      • Padlet
      • Whiteboard.fi
      • Investopedia
  • AP Macroeconomics 

    This course is designed to be college level Macroecnomics course.  Some students may describe it as intense, and while it is challenging, I am confident that anyone can learn this materal.  Here are somethings to remember to make you successful

    • While under the heading of "Social Studies" this course is closer to a math course than a history one
    • Yes... we will do math... 
    • When in doubt, graph it out... become comfortable with graphing, because we will do alot of it! 
    • READ!!!