• favorite things

    Name: Angela Graf                                                   Grade/Position: First Grade/Teacher/GLC

    Birthday: June 1                                                       Shirt Size: Medium/Large

    Monogram: AGR

    Your Favorite:

    College or sport team: Texas Tech Red Raiders/Reagan Rattlers/Cornerstone Warriors

    Color: Navy and Kelly Green

    Salty snack: Nuts                                                     Fruit: Strawberries

    Candy or Candy Bar: Gummy Bears                            Gum Flavor: Sugar free spearmint

    Soft Drink: Coke Zero                                               Sonic drink: Diet green tea

    Starbucks Drink: Grande Sugar free Vanilla Latte with heavy cream 

    Cookie: Gluten free brownies

    Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes Gluten free Chocolate chip

    Take out Restaurant: PF Changs

    Sit Down Restaurant: BJs, Aldaco's

    Ice Cream Shop and flavor: Baskin Robins, Mint Chocolate Chip

    Coffee Shop: Starbucks                                              Bookstore: Amazon

    Teacher Supply Store: Amazon, Lakeshore

    Flower: Everything                                                      Scent: Lavender, Cinnamon

    Nail Salon: Studio Nails & Spa                                      Hobby: Fishing, Reading, Arts n Crafts

    If you found a gift card for the below amounts, where would you wat it to be to?

    $5 Starbucks

    $20 Amazon

    $100 Amazon

    Do you have any dietary restrictions: YES, Gluten Free

    Your top classroom supply wishes: Flair pens, Hand Sanitizer, Lysol Wipes,

    What can your classroom parents do to help you the most? COPIES!