MY ABC of school



    If your child is going to be absent please give the school a call 210-207-4600. Please message me as well, I hate to not see my friends daily and I worry about them.


    Please NO rolling backpacks. Make sure you clean them out weekly, food occasionally spills inside and attracts critters and ants to them. IF you change backpacks during the year, the label or bus tag must transfer to the new backpack. 


    We have 2 parent/teacher conferences. The Fall conference is MANDATORY, I must meet with all parents. The Spring semester conference will be with select families. If you need a conference, my conference time is 9:40-10:30, please schedule with me in advance, as I am pulled for other meetings during this time as well. 


    If your drop you child of fin the morning, make sure the gates are unlocked before you drive away and that your child enters the gate. Gates typically open around 7:00 AM. Students will report to the cafeteria for their free breakfast and wait to be dismissed to the first grade hallway, where they will sit and quietly wait to be let into the classroom.  Tardy bell is 7:30 and teaching begins immediately. AFTERNOON parent pick-up will be at 2:45 at the front of the school. Please make sure to have your car tag displayed in the passenger window, with your child's name, grade and my name (Mrs. Graf). This helps up have your child ready to meet you at the curb, waiting for you. Parents are not allowed to wander into the school to pick students up. 


    A great way to keep in touch with me is through e-mail. My email is You can also text me at 210-926-7144.


    A GREEN GO HOME folder will come home daily. I will communicate behavior with you in this folder, as well as, send home graded work, homework and important information from the office. Please check the folder nightly! Then send the GREEN GO HOME folder back to school with your child. 


    This is the first year students are graded on their work. This grades will be compiled into a final grade and help determine if students will be promoted to the next grade level. It is important for you to check Skyward at the 3rd, 6th and 9th weeks each grading period. We are NO longer sending home paper copies of progress reports or report cards.


    Read for 20 minutes NIGHTLY and check for additional homework in students GREEN GO HOME folder. Please return completed homework the following day.


    When to keep your child home from school is a tough question, especially on a hectic morning when that problem usually arises. Go with your gut feeling; if you decide to send them, shoot me a quick text and I will monitor them very closely during the day.  IF they are running a FEVER or vomiting, KEEP THEM HOME. A child has to be FEVER free for 24 hours before returning to school. 


    We would love to have you join our team of volunteers that help out at school. You will also be able to join us for field trips and parties. We will be going on 1 field trip and have 2 parties. There will be more information on these activities coming in their GREEN GO HOME folders and on SeeSaw as the dates get closer. 


    We will be learning how to observe the "Golden Rule" and treat others the way we want to be treated. I will be instilling in the children the importance of being kind and polite to their new friends. 


    Hot lunch is provided. It is free to all students. Forms to help us provide this service to our students will be coming home at the beginning of the year. Please complete the form and return it to us quickly. We need this documentation to keep the lunches free for our students. 


    Music, along with gym, computers, library and STEAM, is one of your child's specials class. 


    Our campus sends a weekly newsletter, SMORE, home in an email and link through a text message. Please take the time to read over the information. You will find a link to our first grade news, where you can find upcoming events and information on what we will be learning for the week. 


    I have an "Open Door" police. You are always welcome.


    We will have 2 parties. The first will be a Winter and the second will be a Valentine's party. Details will follow the week before events. I will need volunteers to help, and of course parents, as well as grandparents are invited. Please leave younger siblings at home.


    I'm always free to answer questions before school starts. I arrive at 6:30 am. The children arrive in our room around 7:20, if you'd like to meet before school. You can message me on SeeSaw, send an email, or text me (texting is probably the fastest way to get in touch with me). I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also reach me during my planning time 9:40-10:30 at 210-407-4600. 


    Your child will have 1 recess either before or after lunch. I will monitor weather conditions and occasionally adjust outdoor recess to indoor recess. 


    We have a snack time each day. Students may bring a HEALTHY snack from home, nothing to messy (goldfish, pretzels, grapes, carrot sticks are all excellent choices. Please don't send anything that requires a spoon or could spill. No need for drinks either, we can get water from the fountain in our hallway.)

    SeeSaw is how I will send class announcements (field trips, library days, parties, etc.) and how your child will share their learning with you. Please make sure to follow the directions sent home at the beginning of school to connect with us. 


    PLEASE do not allow your child to bring any toys from home. Make sure to check backpacks on their way out the door, toys have a knack for mysteriously appearing in their backpacks.


    yoU are very important in your child's education and their first teacher. I will be calling on your often to reinforce the lessons that he/she is learning in school, by reviewing them at home. Please look at the work that they bring home in the GREEN GO FOLDERS, praise their efforts and hang a few on the fridge, wall or cupboard. First grade is a huge year to grow and will take a PARTNERSHIP between us to get them through the year. "It takes a village" and together we will be the village your child needs to be successful. 


    I'd love it if you'd volunteer to help with everything from preparing for the week by running copies, chaperoning a field trip, or helping with class parties. We NEED and appreciate you! Our school does have a volunteer form for you to complete and does a "background" check. Once you are cleared we're all set. You can also volunteer outside of the school, by being an "At home helper" and cutting things, out or assembling simple art projects for us. Thanks in advance for your time. 


    We are a uniform campus and uniforms must be worn daily. Please see the link for more information about our uniforms and uniform policy.


    It's a good idea to keep an extra set of clothes in your child's backpack just incase a bathroom, paint mess, lunch mess or playground accident happens. There's usually a zippered area that these can be tucked away in. 


    It's best if you can make other arrangements for the little ones. This makes for great one-to-one time with your older child and really frees you up to concentrate just on them and the job at hand. The day will be less stressful and more enjoyable. 


    It is very important that your child is getting at least 8-10 hours of sleep at night for them to run on "full" all day.  Make sure you set and keep that bedtime. What a wonderful gift you can give your child each morning when they wake up refreshed and excited to go to school where they will be alert and ready to learn! Snuggling and reading a bedtime story is a perfect way to end their day, for you and them!