• 7th Grade English Language Arts & Reading (ELAR) Syllabus

    Driscoll Middle School



    Contact Information

    Tutoring Times

    Michelle Azille and Jennifer Farar

    Phone: (210) 356-3200

    Fax: (210) 491-6467



    Classrooms: 2021 and 2008

    Before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:45 After school Thursday from 3:45-4:15

    *Please let me know prior to tutoring when you are planning to attend, so I know who to expect and what I can help with!

    Class Schedule

    Required Materials

    8:25-9:17          Period 1   Planning time 9:21-10:11        Period 2   ELAR 10:15-11:05      Period 3   ELAR 11:09-11:59      Period 4   ELAR Pre-AP 11:59-12:29     7th Grade Lunch 12:33-1:23       Period 5   ELAR Pre-AP

    1:27-1:52         Period 6   SMART 1:56-2:46         Period 7   Dept. Chair time 2:50-3:40         Period 8   ELAR

    ●     Pencils or pens

    ●     Composition notebook

    ●     Lined loose-leaf paper

    ●     Book of choice

    ●     2 pocket folder



    Course Descriptions

    ELAR 7

    ELAR stands for English Language Arts and Reading. We will focus on learning the elements of reading and writer's craft in a variety of genres, as well as prep our students for two STAAR tests and, more importantly, 8th grade and beyond!


    English 7 continues to provide training for students in these language arts skills: writing, reading, visual literacy, speaking, listening, and creating. Students will develop a deeper understanding in the areas of (1) language & grammar; (2) literature; (3) sentence combining, multi-paragraph papers & editing skills; (4) oral presentations & listening skills; (5) study skills, library reports, and research with documentation.


    ELAR 7 PreAP

    This is a rigorous college preparatory course that prepares students for success when they take Advanced Placement and other challenging courses in high school. Added to this specialized curriculum are advanced grammar and logic, such as inference and generalization; literature of various genres, periods, and cultures; multi-paragraph essays for a variety of purposes and audiences; oral presentations and listening skills; study skills; and research involving documentation.


    This class will not focus on merely passing STAAR, but working towards mastery of grade level expectations.


    Required Readings The Outsiders In addition, students should be reading a self-selected book every day in class. They can leave a book in the classroom.  Copies of required novels will be provided by Mrs. Azille


    Students should also have a book to read at home.  Students are expected to read 20 minutes a night at least 5 times a week.  I will take students to the school library every three weeks to renew or check out.  No excuses not to have a book in and out of class.

    Classroom Procedures and Grading

    • Be on time and bring a book and your supplies to class everyday to be successful.
    • Cell phone and grading policy aligns with the school rules
    • Daily work, quizzes, and homework will count for 60% of your grade
    • In-class projects, tests, and essays will count for 40% of your grade
    • For all late work, 20% will be counted off the final grade earned. Late work can be made-up until it is 3 weeks past the due date or until tested upon.
    • All students will be able to make up any assignments that receives a grade below a 70


    Homework Policy

    • Students should be reading at home for 20 minutes each night from their self-selected novels. Homework will usually consist of completing unfinished class assignments then turning them in the following day, or by the assigned due date. At times, there will be articles and other activities assigned.  **Please check agendas to know when those are.