• We have 3 Points of Behavior for our PE classes. To ensure maximum safety and provide for the best learning environment in our program, we have established the following guidelines:


    #1   BE ACTIVE                        #2   BE RESPECTFUL                    #3   BE POSITIVE

    Wear appropriate shoes                          Keep feet and hands to yourself                          Use good sportsmanship

    Always give your best effort                     Don't interrupt others                                           Encourage others

    Stay on your feet                                    Take care of our gym and equipment                         Have FUN



    Grades earned in 1-5th grade are E, S, N, and U

    A grade of E, S, N, or U will be provided to each student per 9-week grading period.  The grade will be determined by:

    55% = Social-Emotional Development

    Social-Emotional Development is attained in Physical Education on a daily basis through team building activities, friendly competitions, and life applications that require self-concept, problem-solving, and cooperation. With positive interaction between the teacher and peers, students develop the skills needed to socialize effectively in "real world" situations.

    45% = Physical Literacy (movement and knowledge)

    Physical Literacy (movement and knowledge) is attained in the development of knowledge and skills to enable one to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities.

    Grades earned in KINDERGARTEN: 1 – DEVELOPING: student is unable to exhibit skill even with direct guidance. 2 APPROACHING: student exhibits skill with minimal guidance. 3 ACCOMPLISHED: student exhibits skills independently and consistently 4 EXCELS: student understanding goes beyond grade level expectation 


    If a student is ill, we request a written note from a parent/guardian that briefly explains the nature of the complication along with the date and the parents/guardian’s signature. After three days of excuses, we require a written note from an attending physician. This is a STATE GUIDELINE.

    If a student is not able to participate in class for longer than a week, a district form needs to be filled out. The PE teachers have the form. 

    We sincerely appreciate your support and cooperation in assisting us to provide opportunities for your child. Please feel free to contact Coach Keogh for further information.