• Technical Theatre II, III, & IV

    Roosevelt High School

    "Measure twice, cut once."

    INSTRUCTOR: Garrett Jackson


    (210) 356-2200 x 62253


    Course objective:

    Advanced Technical Theatre Roosevelt High School is designed for students that have successfully met the requirements in tech theatre I and demonstrate a vested interest in RTC Theatre and show talent in a specific area of theatrical design and production.  This class is responsible for all aspects of design and construction of all theatre sets and other performance needs for the RTC 2019-2020 season.

    Grading Categories:

    Assessments & Projects:       50%

    Participation:                        50%


    Grading Scale:

    90-100%   A

    80-89%     B

    70-79%     C

    60-69%     D

    0-59%       F

    All grades are rounded up.



    You must always have on hand: 

    1. A PENCIL

    2. WORK CLOTHES:  When we are working on sets you must be dressed appropriately. Keep something at school that you can build or paint in.  NO OPEN TOED SHOES!!!!  Keep long hair pulled back.  I will not listen to you whine that you got primer on your clothes or jewelry or that you got sawdust on your best sweater.  If I do not think you are dressed to work, I won't let you and that means no daily points for that day. Tough!  EXPECT TO GET MESSY EVERYDAY.  


    Classroom Rules and Expectations:

    1. Tardiness – you are tardy if you enter the room any time after the bell rings 2. Have your supplies ready at the beginning of class. 3. Horseplay of any kind can result in immediate referrals. 4. You may bring water to class, no other food or drink. 5. Be sure your paint clothes are always available for class. 6. During construction and production of shows ALL SAFETY procedures MUST BE STRICTLY FOLLOWED!

    *REMEMBER: Quick and convenient solutions are usually NOT the safest solutions. * walk in the shop * use tools safely * listen and follow instructions * do not distract others * clean up when work is finished


    EYE PROTECTION! * share tools with others * wear safety glasses while operating power tools.




    Please sign below and cut on the line above once you have thoroughly read the course expectations. Return to Mr. Jackson by Friday.




    Safety Agreement


    By signing the bottom of this form, you are stating that you have read and understand the syllabus fully and that you know what is expected of you from this course. Should you have any questions, email Mr. Jackson immediately at gjacks2@neisd.net.


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