• Please send your child with a water bottle and a snack daily. Water only please.

    Also, please make sure that your child keeps an extra outfit in a labeled ziplock bag in their backpack. These can be used in situations such as spills.

    Every Monday is College shirt day.  Wednesday is Cibolo Green Elementary shirt day, and Fridays are spirit day (wear school spirit shirt or green!) 

    *Be sure to send in any environmental print that your child can read for our environmental print wall.  A few examples would be candy wrappers, store logos, or labels from different products.  Please cut the words out and send it to school with your child.

    Our class will go to the library each week. The children check out one book each visit. Please return the books the following week. Students are not allowed to check out new books if their library book is not returned or if it is damaged. Specific library date TBD.

     AT HOME

     Here are some things that you can do at home with your child.  Please practice the following skills at home:
    * READ! READ! READ!- read to your child each and every night.
    * rhyming- say & write simple CVC words that rhyme (word families) such as cat-hat-bat-rat, or ten-hen-pen-den, etc.
    * counting and writing numbers 0-100- write and count numbers in order and in random order from 0-30.
    writing name correctly- practice writing their name and simple words in D'Nealian letters. Capitalizing the first letter only in their name.  Also, practice writing lowercase letters correctly.
    * reading popcorn words- review, say, and write the popcorn words that have been taught at school. 

    Practice letter sounds each evening using the Phonics Song A to Z.  Also, practice the Letter Cluster Phonics song to work on beginning and ending blends.