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Terms of Use

  • OverDrive, Inc.provides digital content, software applications, technology services and a hosted website for NEISD school libraries. The primary purpose of the OverDrive collection is to provide students with eBooks and audiobooks to use for pleasure reading.OverDrive employs Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems in order to protect intellectual property rights and ensure publishers receive appropriate revenue for their products.

    The Terms of Use Agreement with OverDrive allows users to access and/or download content under these conditions:

     Personal devices

    Students, staff members and parents may access and download content to their personal devices for the duration of the lending period.

     School devices

    1. The OverDrive READ feature can be used to provide access to eBooks on any district device that has a browser, because no download is required.
    2. Any use consistent with the relevant fair use doctrine, such as projecting Digital Content on a classroom whiteboard, Smart Board, or other similar technology, or listening to and/or watching Digital Content in the classroom, is permissible. 
    3. Content may be downloaded on school devices or school computers with exclusive and individual unique user accounts (e.g., teacher laptops).
    4. Content may only be downloaded on school-issued devices circulated by the library in accordance with the OverDrive Test Drive program.

OverDrive Help

  • Parent Accounts in OverDrive: Librarians will create accounts with the OverDrive User Login Manager (screenshot directions). No parent accounts are created in Destiny unless the parent wants to check out a print book from the library. However, use the same parent account structure for both accounts, OverDrive and Destiny. PAR and student ID# or ALT and student ID#. Only parents of NEISD students are authorized to have OverDrive accounts.

    Returning a Tltle in OverDrive: Occasionally an eBook or audiobook may be inadvertently checked out. Return Titles in OverDrive.

    Embedded Audio eBooks: NEISD has a collection of embedded audio eBooks for Elementary, ESL and Special Needs students. These eBooks are very large in size and cannot be downloaded to a mobile device for home use. They must be used in the LISTEN  mode in a browse

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