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Google Docs

  • Google Docs

     1.  Open up the Google Chrome
          internet browser and go to 

    2.  Click the   button.

    3.  Enter your NEISD student 
         email account. 
          Computer username + @
              + stu.neisd.net 


    4.   Your password is:
           student ID #
            (with leading zero)

          example: 0237854



  •  Open up an internet browser

    2.  Go to https://turnitin.com

    3.  Enter your NEISD email account:  

         Computer username + @ + stu.neisd.net 

         example:   hschmidt7854@stu.neisd.net

    4.  Your password is:      

         ne + student ID # (with leading zero)

    example:   ne0237854

     5.  Click the STUDENT button

    Turnitin User Profile

     NOTE:  You will need to have a class ID and password in order to complete the next step.  Please get this information from your teacher.

Computer Login Info

  • Login into a JHS Computer


    first initial + complete last name + last 4 of your ID #

    example:  hschmidt7854@stu.neisd.net


     student ID #  (include leading zero)

    example:  0237854

     Login screen

Discovery Education

Overdrive (EBooks & Audiobooks)

  • 1.  neisd.lib.overdrive.com or Launchpad

    digital library 1

    2.  Select North East Independent School District

    3.  Click the SIGN IN button.

    digital library 2

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