Exploratory Learning Geography Lesson Plan: Evaluate and Wrap-Up

Lesson Itinerary

  • This is one final teacher led activity to reflect on the experience and emphasize the overall message regarding global interdependent relationships

    1. Using the World Map provided and a document camera, do the following:
      1. Have each student group share which country/region they thought would best meet their needs as a country/region and why
      2. Explain how they thought their country/region could meet the three expressed needs listed on the other country/regions' merge cube
      3. As students share out, the teacher will use different colored pencils to draw lines between the countries/regions on the World Map.
    2. Once everyone has shared, look at the map and discuss patterns and trends (students should notice the interdependent relationships of regions). If there are regions that no one chose as an ally/trade partner, have students make predictions of what this will mean for that region’s standard of living.

Handouts and Materials