Exploratory Learning Geography Lesson Plan: Day 2-3: Identify and Gather

Lesson Itinerary

  • Keeping in mind the elements of technology and cultural connection discussed in the Immerse and Explore activity, students will now take it a step further to begin researching culture and development in countries/regions around the world.

    1. Students will work in partners to choose a country/region that they wish to explore further.
    2. Students will use the Geography Research Graphic Organizer to research components of region and culture. One student should open the document and share it with their partner to facilitate collaboration.
    3. After completing the Research Notes, finding the required images, and completing the Works Cited Page, students should answer the following questions
      1. Based on your findings, how would you characterize the country/region’s standard of living?

      2. What are the three most important things needed to improve this standard of living?

Recommended Digital Resources

  • Here are some recommended digital resources for the activity. All of these resources can be found by logging into NEISD Launchpad. Click on the links below to see tips for navigating and using each resource.

    Discovery Education  

    Discovery Education


    Encyclopedia Britannica

     SIRS Discoverer

    Proquest SIRS Discoverer


Handouts and Materials