Exploratory Learning World History Lesson Plan: Day 2-3: Identify and Gather

Lesson Itinerary

  • Keeping in mind the discussion of innovative technology during the Immerse and Explore activity, students will now take it a step further to begin researching technological innovations from various time periods of world history. This research unit could be a retrospective lesson completed midyear after covering content up to 1750 (TEKS 27 A-E) or at the end of the year when all content has been covered (TEKS 28 A-E).

    1. Begin with an opening discussion defining innovative technology. Ask students how they would define it. You could use Mentz's (2006) definition of innovative technology as a guide
    2. Students will work in partners to choose a piece of innovative technology that they would like to research further from a time period they have covered in world history . See TEKS 27A-E and 28 A-E for inspiration.
    3. Students will use the World History Research Graphic Organizer to research the cause and effect relationship between their chosen time period and the innovative technology that emerged. One student should open the document and share it with their partner to facilitate collaboration. Students must use at least 3 sources in their research.
    4. After completing the research, students will compile a Works Cited Page

Recommended Digital Resources

  • Here are some recommended digital resources for the activity. All of these resources can be found by logging into NEISD Launchpad and opening the Library Resources folder. Click on the links below to see tips for navigating and using each resource

      Ancient and Medieval Eras

    ABC-Clio World History Ancient and Medieval Eras

    Digital resource featuring information about eras in world history leading up to the Renaissance.


    World History Modern Era
    ABC-Clio World History Modern Era


    Discovery Education
    Discovery Education


    Britannica School
    Encyclopedia Britannica

Handouts and Materials

  • Identify Phase

    Students will decide on a technological innovation from world history to research further

    Gather Phase

    Students will use ethical research practices to collect information and cite sources in relation to their chosen topic