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Please use this guide to help you select a tutorial and begin learning about coding, programming, and other computer science concepts. Have fun exploring!

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    The 'Hour of Code™' is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week [csedweek.org] and Code.org [code.org] to introduce students to computer science and programming. Learn more at http://HourOfCode.com and consider hosting an Hour of Code event to introduce others to the world of computing!

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Hour of Code Unplugged

  • Explore our Collection of eBooks and digital resources about computer coding and programmers. 

    CS First Unplugged Google | Grades 2-8

    No computer or internet? No problem. Try the CS First Unplugged activities to explore how computer science can solve problems like helping people stay connected while apart. Printable booklet with instructions in English and Spanish.

    • Network a Neighborhood
    • Encode an emoji
    • Send a secret message

    A Byte of iCompute: Unplugged iCompute | pre-reader

    Activities to help develop computational thinking skills in a fun way: fundamental principles of computer science, algorithms, thinking logically, spotting patterns and finding/making rules. Downloadable booklet includes a variety of activities.

    Coding Basics: Unplugged Kodable | Grades k-5

    Learners will be able to…

    • Define code and communicate its importance
    • Explain what a programmer does
    • Break down the steps needed to solve a problem
    • Express themselves creatively

    Passion for Pixels SciGirls | Grades 2+

    Did you know when you look at a photo of a planet in space, you’re really looking at a set of numbers? Satellites take pictures and transmit it as digital signals, or sets of numbers. Computer software converts the numbers into color images.  If your students enjoy this, check out Pixel Puzzles, especially Christmas and Winter pictures.

    Seeing the Whole Picture: Coded Messages iRobot | Grades 2-8

    Work together to help decode secret messages and crack the code!

    Inputs and Outputs Unplugged Sphero | Grades 2-8

    Get your students up and moving. This activity will get you thinking about the common computer science coding concept of inputs and outputs.

    Caesar Cipher Wheel CodeHS | Grades 6+

    Students are introduced to cryptography by using the classic Caesar cipher to decrypt and encrypt some messages. Discover the cipher's flaw and how to improve upon it. Downloadable handout with cipher wheel template included.

    More lesson suggestions available at hourofcode.com/us/learn.  Filter for no computers or devices.

    Computer Science without a computer, available in English and Spanish interface.  This site includes activities for educators, families at home, and lessons for independent students. Each unit includes connections to curricular topics in literacy, art, music, science, or math. Topics include:

  • Tutorials for Beginners

    Get Creative with Coding Scratch | Ages 8+

    Create games, stories, animations — and share them with your friends. 

    COVID-19 Simulator Gamefroot | Grades 2+

    Modify the 'Staying home' factor and code a simple news clicker. The activity illustrates how social distancing has a direct impact on how fast a virus like COVID-19 can spread.

    Codesters: We Can Stop COVID PSA | Grades 6-8

    Learn the basics of coding in Python while creating your own PSA about how we can stop the spread of COVID-19. 

    Lightbot Lightbot | All ages

    Solve puzzles and guide Lightbot to light up all the blue tiles! Learn to sequence instructions, write procedures, and utilize loops to solve levels.

    Minecraft  | Ages 7+ Use basic coding concepts to bring two villages together in this free Hour of Code lesson. Lesson plan available for teachers. 

    Tinker Tinker All Ages

    Create a project to show the importance of recycling. Beginning coders play with working projects. Advanced coders create their own programs.

    Write your first computer program Code.org | Ages 4-104

    Learn the basic concepts of Computer Science with drag and drop programming. This is a game-like, self-directed tutorial starring video lectures by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies. Learn repeat-loops, conditionals, and basic algorithms. Available in 34 languages

    Code a Happy Place Meditation App CodeSpeak Labs | Grades 2-8

    Learn to program a meditation app that transports you to your 'happy place.'

  • Make Your Own Apps & Games


    TouchDevelop Microsoft Research | High School

    The touch-friendly editor will guide you in creating pixel art, solving the bear puzzle, or making your own jumping bird game.

    Bitsbox - make an iPhone game Bitsbox | Grades 2-8

    Follow the prompts to code five fun mini-apps using real, typed Javascript. From blowing up pie in 'Food Fight' to flushing a notebook down a black hole in 'So Long, Homework!', each app is designed to delight kids while illustrating variables, methods, and more. These apps are also completely open-ended; kids can use them as a starting point for their own app creations. Beginners welcome!

    Make a Flappy Game Code.org | Ages 4-104

    Use drag-and-drop programming to make your own Flappy Bird game, and customize it to look different (Flappy Shark, Flappy Santa, whatever). Add the game to your phone in one click.

    AppInventor Hour of Code MIT Center for Mobile Learning @ The Media Lab | Middle School +

    Entertaining, quick video tutorials walk you through building three simple apps for your Android phone or tablet. Designed for novices and experts alike, this hour of code will get you ready to start building your own apps before you know it. Imagine sharing your own app creations with your friends! These activities are suitable for individuals and for teachers leading classes.

  • Javascript Tutorials

    An Introduction to Javascript KhanAcademy | Middle School +

    Learn the basics of JavaScript programming while creating fun drawings with your code. 

    Learn to Code with Karel the Dog CodeHS | High School level

    Learn how to code with Karel the Dog—a fun, accessible, and visual introduction to programming that teaches fundamental concepts like commands and functions to absolute beginners. Teacher accounts available.

    Codecademy Codecademy | High School level

    Codecademy is an interactive, student-guided introduction to the basics of CS through JavaScript.

    Build a Game with Javascript Code Avengers | Middle School +

    Build a 2 player 2D top-down game with JavaScript in 10 short tasks. 

    Plastic Pollution PSA Vidcode | Middle School +

    The problem of plastic filling our oceans continues to worsen. Make your voice heard with code through the Plastic Pollution PSA. Then create your own video about any subject you care about! Learn to use loops, sine waves and customized emojis to make a unique project.

    Filter a Photo Google | High School level

    Learn coding skills to create filters to apply to different photos.

  • Tutorials in Other Programming Languages

    Drawing with Code Processing Foundation | High school level

    An introduction to programming in the context of the visual arts using the Processing programming language. Short video lessons introduce coding exercises that lead to designing an interactive drawing program

    Eliza the Chatterbot Doctor Grok Learning | Middle school +

    Use the programming language Python to build a chatbot called "Eliza" to act as a robot psychotherapist. You'll teach Eliza how to talk and the right thing to say. Can she fool your friends into thinking she's a human not a computer?

    Accessible programming (with screenreader support) Quorum | Middle school +

    This tutorial is accessible for the visually-impaired, and works with screenreaders. Join Mary on a tour as she joins a biology lab as a programmer and learns the Quorum programming language. Use your Google account to sign in.

    Quick Draw Emoji with Machine Learning Make School |  Middle school + | JavaScript, Python
    Build a website that uses a Machine Learning model to recognize hand-drawn emojis!


  • Beyond Hour of Code


    Take your learning experience Beyond an Hour. Find more resources on the following topics:

    • Tutorials for Beginners
    • Tutorials that teach Javascript
    • Tutorial apps for phones and tablets
    • Tutorials in other programming languages
    • Make your own apps or games
    • University courses online
    • Learn to make web pages
    • Learn to program with robots