• Circulation Procedures

    The amount of books a student can borrow is determined by the campus. Staff, Parents and Community members have the following policies. Each library has the ability to override to allow for any amount of books. The loan period can be adjusted for any patron by clicking on the Special Due Date calendar while in circulation. 

    Profile Book Limit Loan Period
    Staff 50 books 30 days
    Parents 5 books 21 days
    Community 5 books 21 days


    Optimal Circulation


    End of Year Due Dates (Ceiling Date) & Summer Checkout


    Checkout Info in Destiny

    Checkout Info in Destiny
  • Philosophy and Procedures

    Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

    Interlibrary loan allows patron access to a more extensive collection of materials than would be available in one campus library. Within the district, librarians participate in ILL by requesting and loaning library materials. Greater access to resources promotes equity but also adds responsibilities for both lending and borrowing libraries.

    Library materials may be requested and borrowed through the ILL process by all NEISD students, teachers, and parents. The lending librarian has the assurance that if material loss or damage occurs, the borrowing librarian will be responsible for either collecting funds or providing replacements using campus library funds.

    Procedures to be followed by the Borrowing Library:

    • Determine whether or not requested material is in "high demand", such as holiday, award or curricular item
    • Follow Destiny procedures to request the item
    • Monitor due dates of borrowed material so that they are returned in a timely manner
    • Collect funds for lost or damaged material
    • Make arrangements with lending librarian to provide replacement material if charges are not collected
    • Procedures to be followed by the Lending Library:
    • Check to ensure that requested material is not in "high demand" (curricular item needed within the next few weeks)
    • Follow Destiny procedures to check out item to borrowing library
    • Send overdue notices to borrowing library if required
    • Collect charges for lost or damaged item from the borrowing library

    Hold Procedures in Destiny

    ILL Procedures in Destiny

    ILL - Multiple Items Procedures in Destiny

    Daily Holds/ILLs Reminder Email

    Videos for the procedure above **NEW 4/19


    Request for ILL Checkout  (Use this procedure when you receive the wrong item, but the correct title)

    Request for ILL Checkin (Use this procedure to check in the above item, after it is returned to you)

  • Self Check

    Self Check Station: you must login as Self Check

    Username: Self Check

    Password: neisd

    Step 1:

    Self check 1

    Step 2:

    Self Check 2

    Step 3:

    Self Check 3

  • Magazine Checkout

    Magazine Checkout in Destiny

    For Self Checkout of Magazines, the MAGAZINE - Self-Check Procedure must be used.

    Sound Files

    • Silent Sound 
    • You can add any Wave file under 2 seconds. Go to Back Office>Site Configuration>Circulation tab>Circulation Sounds
    • Add the silent sound file to Destiny under Back Office>Site Configuration>Circulation tab>Circulation Sounds>Fine/Overdue>upload silent wave file. Remember that by adding a silent sound file you are not going to be alerted that a student has a checkout issue.
  • Printing Barcodes

    Printing Homeroom and Individual Barcodes


    Programming Barcode Scanner

    Use the following user guide to program your scanner.  Most of our older scanners are Hand Held brand and our newer purchases are Honeywell. If you need further assistance contact the vendor's help line.

     Honeywell 3800 Scanner User Guide - Full User guide for Honeywell Scanner


    Ordering a New barcode Scanner

    Tech Services now coordinates the purchase of barcode scanners. You will need to place an order with your Principal's secretary. If you have any questions about placing an order please call 407-0574 or visit Tech Services Pricing Page