• Pre-Ap 4th grade math is an accelerated math program that compacts both 4th and 5th grade math into one year. We have about 145 days of school before we take the 5th grade STAAR test. We spend the remainder of the months stepping up to 6th grade math.


    Is this right for your student?

    Fourth grade is often times the grade where reading and math become more challenging for all students, accelerated or not. There are many new concepts introduced in fourth grade and of course we produce a lot of writing. Students will need to do their best each day in each subject. They will have to slow down and focus on learning and effort.

    Checkpoints will be given in the first quarter to monitor your student's progress. You will be kept up to date on the scores of these checkpoints and what the expectations for success in the course should be.

    Homework is to reinforce what we are learning and/or to pre-teach what is coming up, students are expected to complete their homework nightly. 

    Attendance is critical and your child being able to keep pace with the course is important.

    Do they.....

    Right for us?

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