• 4th Grade Recorder Announcement

    Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    I am very excited to inform you that your fourth grader will be beginning to study the recorder next week.  This is special because the recorder is hereditary to many woodwind and brass instruments and shares many of the same fingerings with several of these instruments.  Learning to play the recorder exercises lessons in musical theory, and emphasizes the use of aural, oral, and note reading skills.  Learning to play the recorder is an excellent mid-step to performance in middle school band and music ensembles.

    Each fourth grader will be issued a numbered recorder for his or her personal use.  Just as text books in homeroom classes, the recorders will be collected at the end of the school year for cleaning and student use next year.   If recorders are lost or damaged, the student will be charged a replacement fee of $8.00.  If students have a recorder at home they would like to use, they should bring it in so I may check the tuning.  We will be using Baroque, not German, fingering.

    Students will be asked to take their recorders home for practice, but recorders will be needed every day for use during class.  This means students must remember to bring their recorders every day.  Every student will need to practice their developing skills and class subject matter for ten minutes every evening.

    4th Grade students will need the following items for Music Class:

    -A sock or bag in which to contain their recorder.

    -A folder in which to organize their music with two pockets.

    -A pencil

    -4th Grade Music Packet (Given to students by teacher)

    This is a very exciting time, and I hope you and your child will enjoy the results of this special opportunity.


    Ms. Ann Garcia