• Taylor Demby: D.A.S.H. Officer 


    Valeria Mejia: Coummunity Service Officer 

     I’m 17, a junior, and an Officer in Student Council. I am also in NHS, and Interact. My favorite project so far that I have worked on was the Holiday Cards we gave to our local Elderly house. All of student council created cards and taped sugar free candy on the front. These cards delivered not only a sweet treat but also a some holiday cheer!

    Macy Kitten: Energy and Environment Officer 


    Elissa Olivarez: Pride and Patriotism 


    Audrey Jackson: Outstanding Student Council Officer

     I’m in 11th grade and I am Madison’s Outstanding Student Council. I am in Avid, Advancement Via Individual Determination, which is a college readiness program. My favorite project I have participated in this year was inspirational posters, these posters were to inspire the staff and students and uplift them about life/ school. Also, doing the heart on your sleeve, wear “Love is Respect” hearts on your sleeve to show that you support healthy relationships.

    Claudia Roman: Honor Council - Parlimentarian 

     I’m a junior at Madison High School. I am Madison’s Student Council parliamentarian. I am also involved in PALs, NHS, And Interact club here at Madison.


    Joseph Nunez: Self-Care Officer

     I am 17 years old, I am a senior and this is my third year in stuco I am the self care officer and I am also involved in spanish club and Interact club and I also play for the varsity basketball team, my favorite project is having lunch with ALE we have a great time and so do our fellow Mavs

    Mckenzie Abeyta: 

    I am 15, in 10th grade, and a senator in student council. I play the Alto Saxophone in band. My favorite project that I have participated in this year is being a part of the walk across at every football game. The “walk across” is right before the start of the game. Our student council and our opponents student council walk to the middle of the field, exchange gifts, introduce each other, and give wishes of good luck.

    Sabrina Debreau: 


    Jaedyn Delgado: 



    Malia Ellis-Beverly: 


    Desiree Faz:

     I am 16 yrs old, a student council senator, my first year in stuco, and i’m in the 11th grade at James Madison High School. I am in the James Madison Color Guard that’s part of the band. My favorite project I participated in was the heart on your sleeve “love is respect” project which shows you that we support healthy relationships.

    Patrick Fausto: 


    Amber Martin: 

    11 grade

    Committee: Campus care

    Favorite Project: Homecoming preparations, the centerpieces,and the light decorations.

    James Tennesse: 

     10th grade

    Self Care Committee Senator

    My favorite project I've helped in was the Lunar New Year mini celebration we had during all the lunches where we brought the gong to lunch and students paid a dollar to hit it. We were able to spread more knowledge of the celebration by passing out small envelopes with information about the holiday in them. Not only did the students learn more about it, but our StuCo did too.

    Raul Espinoza: 

     My name is Raul Espinoza and I am a junior and senator in student council. I am in the Energy and Environment committe but I’m usually just all over the place helping out wherever I can. My favorite project would probably have been making the red ribbons for red ribbon week. It definitely wasn’t the 8 hours it took to make 400 ribbons, but it was seeing everyone walking around school with something that you spent all day on and that had an actual meaning and a message to it, that made it all so worth it.

    Lauren Hartung: 

     My name is Lauren Hartung, and I’m a senior this year. I’m in the energy and environment & student care committees. One project I really enjoyed was the “Kindness Rocks” one. We painted and wrote positive affirmations on little rocks and then placed them around the school. It added a nice pop of color and a positive spirit to our campus.

    Tracy Haoung: 

     I am 18 years old and also a senior. It’s my first and last year in student council and I’m apart of D.A.S.H. which is a group in STUCO. I’m in yearbook and I take pictures for fun. My favorite part about student council is all the people that’s in the club. They’re all unique kinda people. A memorable time for me is walking across the football field and escorting the prince for homecoming who became the homecoming king.

    Rhiannon Penney: 

     I am  in 10th grade here at Madison. I am the president of the class of 2021 and this is my first year in student council. I enjoy making creative and colorful posters that you see hanging around the school.

    Anya Steinmetz: 

    I am 15, in 10th grade, and a senator of student council in the pride and patriotism committee. My favorite project I have participated in this year was creating the DUDE. BE NICE. banner. We sat at lunches to get students to write down something kind on a sticky note and covered a huge banner with lots of positivity comments from the student body that is now hung in the cafeteria

    Sydney Wallace: 

    10th grade

    I’m a student council senator, and I am apart of the pride and patriotism committee.

    One project i’m proud of is my national custodian day project . We made personalized cards for each custodian and bought them breakfast as an appreciation.