•  Dear Students and Parents,

    As we continue to deal with school closings, we will engage in distance learning.  Please return to check for your assignment to be posted soon in Goodle Classroom. Remember, I am here to help you with your work, or to answer any questions.                                                                                                                                                               

    Ms. San Martin  


    My email is rsanma@neisd.net *best way to reach me.

    Remind code (different from code at beginning of year) send text to 81010 @gkdaca9 

    Students have already joined Google Classroom, but just in case I will list class codes:

    Block 1 & 2    abunybn

    Block 3 & 4   a4veonj

    Block 7 & 8   oj45iv4

    To get to Google Classroom log into NEISD Launch pad and click Google Classroom. There is NO LOG IN for Google Classroom. 

    If you have not joined Google Classroom you must hit the + sign in upper right corner and it will change to "join class".  It will ask for a code.  Enter your class code.  If you have trouble email me.  You will complete all work (notice there are TWO ATTACHMENTS for week ONE) for you to complete.  When completed you must hit SUBMIT for each.

    link to help nativagate NEISD library serverices:  https://www.neisd.net/Page/24185