Class Rules

  • Mrs. Kopacsi’s Computer Lab Guidelines

    Enter the lab quietly and start the beginning of the day procedures on your assigned computer

    • Log on to your computer
    • Read the Agenda
    • Complete Warm-up

    Keep your personal information and workstation secure

    • Keep your password private
    • Do not download anything from the internet
    • Do not visit unauthorized websites
    • Do not submit personal information online

    Be respectful to other students in the lab

    • Do not touch other student’s computers
    • Maintain an appropriate volume on your computer
    • Do not bang on the keys
    • Do not eat or drink in the lab

    Leave your workspace nicer than you found it

    • Straighten up your keyboard and mouse
    • Align icons on desktop
    • Push in your chair
    • Collect and throw away any trash on your way out

    Take care of your computer lab privilege

    • Do not intentionally change system or display settings
    • Do not alter program files
    • Do not maliciously cause any computer malfunctions
    • Treat ALL lab equipment respectfully
    • Close inappropriate content if it presents itself

    Be proactive in solving questions that arise

    • Ask your peers for assistance
    • Use the program’s help feature
    • Retry all possibilities