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    In order to access the class calendar, be sure to log into Google using your NEISD student email account before using the link provided above. Once you are logged in your NEISD account, you will be able to access the links provided on the calendar events that reflect class assignments, readings, videos, activities, and various directives. 

    Standing Committess Objectives: 

    Outstanding Student Council

    TASC recognizes schools that have an overall outstanding student council. This report form serves as a model for what a well-rounded student council in Texas should be doing to be effective. The form requires documentation of student council organization and structure, specific project areas and participation in TASC programs.

    Outstanding Energy & Environment Program

    The purpose of this program is to encourage student councils to participate in/conduct projects that promote environmental and energy awareness and protection.

    Outstanding Drugs, Alcohol, Safety, Heath (DASH) Program

    This program encourages student councils to: 1) participate in projects which promote safety awareness in the area of traffic safety, home safety, school safety, etc., 2) participate in projects to prevent drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse, and 3) to conduct health awareness campaigns with information and education regarding health issues that impact adolescents.

    Outstanding Pride & Patriotism Program

    The purpose of this program is to encourage student councils to participate in/conduct projects projects that promote pride and patriotism. National pride and patriotism, state pride and patriotism, local (school and community) pride and individual pride are the focal points of this program.

    Outstanding Community Service Program

    This program encourages student councils to record and document community service activities conducted by the student council. Cash donations, service hours and donated goods are to be recorded in three areas of service: local community, state and national projects and global programs.


    StuCo Grading Procedures

    (20%) Daily Work:   Participate in class discussions and activities    - - Follow Classroom norms and clean up after yourself
    (40%) Projects: Student is to complete 9 approved projects per Nine Weeks

    (30%) Community Service:  Completion of 6 StuCo Approved Community Service Hours per Nine Weeks.
    (10%) Care Report:  Student is to complete one care report reviewing how the 9 projects completing celebrated/supported caregivers of the Madison Community per nine weeks.