• High expectations are the orders for the duration.  Students will understand the value of quality work and taking pride in what they create.  Time, effort, focus and pride will be stressed over and over again.
    • Students are to enter class quietly and begin work on what is posted for the day's objective.  Students are to leave class only when dismissed by the teacher, not the bell.
    • Composition notebooks/ or sketchbooks AND pencils are required for class, daily.  They will stay in the classroom in their individual storage bins.  IF they take their notebooks home for ANY reason, the students are expected to bring them back to class DAILY.  Students are asked to have their own PrismaColor Colored pencils and a good sharpener.
    • Objectives and Warm Ups will be posted and expected to be copied and or completed DAILY.  (If projects are underway, it is expected that students will come in, retrieve their materials and continue work on those projects.)
    • PHONES: Phones are to be put up at all times and only allowed at teacher discretion. Music for work when allowed and use of phones for uploading photos to Google Classroom.  The students are asked if music is on to only have one ear bud in or the volume low so that they can hear if their name is called or I am giving information.  The students are also asked to get in the habit of taking both earbuds out of they are talking or being spoken to.
    • Students are asked to not have food, gum or drink other than water in class as to keep the chances of spills and bugs in the classroom.  I've seen too many pieces of work damaged due to having food/gum, drink, in the classroom.