Principles of Floral Design

    Course Syllabus

    Instructor: Mr. Joshua Anderson

    Contact Information: School Phone: 210-356-1524         E-mail: Jander2@neisd.net


    Class Content (Proposed Activities/Areas of Study):

    During the course of this year, we will cover a wide range of topics concerning Floral Design. Course Topics are listed however, they are not limited to the following: (topics may not be covered in this order)

    Ø  1st 9 Weeks

    o    History of Floral Design

    o    Principles & Elements of Design

    o    Safety in the floral lab

    o    Measuring properly

    o    Homecoming mums & garters

    o    Bud Vase arrangements

    o    Elementary Ag School Tours

    o    Madison Chapter Show & Floral contest

    Ø  2nd 9 Weeks

    o    Proper pricing/Cost vs. Price

    o    Fall and Halloween arrangements

    o    Fall cornucopia and wreaths

    o    Balance, Harmony and Rhythm

    o    Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical

    o    Color Wheel

    o    Cool vs. Warm Colors

    o    Christmas/holiday décor

    o    Round arrangements

    Ø  3rd 9 Weeks

    o    Begin work on Certification requirements

    o    Event Planning

    o    Contemporary Designs

    o    Incorporating Nature into Designs

    o    Valentine’s Day

    o    Calculating Holiday Mark-Ups

    o    Being a Wedding Planner

    Ø  4th 9 Weeks

    o    Living jewelry

    o    Prom corsage & boutonnieres

    o    Easter alternative arrangements

    o    Mother’s Day

    o    Sympathy arrangements

    o    TSFA Certification



    Grading Scale (subject to change based on departmental recommendations)

    Grades will be determined based on the following:  

    Assessments and Projects

    Classwork and Homework

    Binder/notebook/journal (portfolio)


    Course LAB FEE 

    The majority of lab supplies for the class will be purchased in bulk/wholesale by the instructor in order to keep the costs as low as possible and requires the student to provide funds for each nine weeks to cover the cost. There are four options outlined below for your student. If you have questions regarding this or need an extended time to get the funds for the lab fee, please contact me by email at jander2@neisd.net so that we can work out an agreeable schedule that will work for you. I want every student to be able to participate and take their designs home. The lab fee for this course is $60 per year. Online payments may be available this year for $65 to include the collection fee. 


    Option #1: Students and parents will be able to pay online or in person. Students will bring a check for $60 in order to pay in full.  Checks made out to Madison Floral


    Option #2: Students may pay in installments but preferred by the end of the 1st semester.


    Option #3: Students can ask the instructor for a list of teachers who may wish to sponsor a student. The student must make contact with the teacher, arrange for payment to Madison Floral Dept. and then also deliver each arrangement to the sponsor/teacher each time an item is created. (This option doesn’t allow the student to take the arrangements home, but still allows them to participate in class and learn the design techniques required by the state.)


    Dual Credit – students enrolled in the course will all have the opportunity to earn 3-6 hours of college credit through an agreement the AMP and NEISD have with Palo Alto College. Students are required to have already completed the following to enroll in dual credit.  Students are required to meet Palo Alto and District standards for Dual Credit. 

    1.    Complete an (ApplyTexas) application in class

    2.    Create and ACES account in class

    3.    Submit Parent consent form and dual credit checklist to AMP (by deadline discussed in class)

    4.    Take the TSI assessment $20 (no minimum score needed)


    Materials Needed:

    Come prepared to class EVERYDAY! In addition to the following, other materials may be called for throughout the school year:


    Required AMP Contract

    Each student enrolled in an Agriculture class will be required to have an AMP contract on file. This contract has several requirements which the students must maintain in order to remain in the agriculture program. It is important to review the contract often to ensure that the student meets all requirements in order to remain enrolled in this class. Discipline, grades and FFA membership and activities are just a few of the areas which students and parents should pay close attention. It is the responsibility of the students and parents to obtain a copy of the contract from the AMP office.


    Record Keeping

    The Texas Education Agency requires that students taking Agricultural Science classes maintain a record book.  Every student in the class will be required to create a portfolio record of the arrangements made, supplies used and the activities performed in and outside of class. Specific expectations and details will be explained in class and provided in a handout and grading rubric.  Students will be given time in class to work on it, however, they will also be able to complete some of the recordkeeping/portfolio at home. All students are expected to keep their records current.  Because recordkeeping is part of the requirements by the state, you will receive a minimum of 1 grade for your recordkeeping each 9 weeks.  Note: Record Books are NOT optional.


    Course Opportunities and Activities

    1.     Your student is enrolled in this course as an elective, which also fulfills the requirement for the fine arts credit for your student. In order to be successful in this course it will be required that your student play an active role in the planning, preparing and implementing of the floral designs required in order to pass this course.

    2.     This course will allow your student to design and create up to 2 arrangement per nine week period ranging in value from $5 to $25 depending on the arrangement. Each arrangement made will be the student’s to take home if the lab fees are paid (outlined below). In order to have success in making all these arrangements it will be necessary for your student to be to class on time, participate and follow professional standards set in the floral industry.

    3.     Your student will have the option to take the Texas State Florist Association certification exam for high school students. The Dates will be set in September for the upcoming Tests in 2023.


    District Late Work Policy

    According to Board Policy, students are required to make up assignments, homework, projects, quizzes and tests missed due to absences. The District distinguishes absences as excused and unexcused. Make-up work for excused absences will be eligible for full credit. Students shall receive a 20% deduction from the total grade earned for any assignment or assessment not made up within the allotted time. A truant absence is an unexcused absence with disciplinary consequences. Make-up work for unexcused absences will be penalized equal to late work. A 20% deduction from the total grade earned will be taken on make-up work for unexcused absences.

    A. Students will be allowed reasonable time to make up assignments, homework, projects, quizzes and tests missed due to absences.

    a. At the secondary school level, reasonable time is defined as one class day per class missed, e.g. a student who misses class on Tuesday has until the beginning of class on Thursday to turn in make-up work.

    b. For extended absences, make-up assignments shall be made available to students after two consecutive class days of absence.

    c. Teachers will provide the assignments to the students and inform students of the time allotted for completing make-up assignments, homework, projects, quizzes and tests.

    d. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain, complete and submit the missed work in the time allotted.

    B. Students will not be required to take a quiz or test on the day returning to class from an absence if the quiz or test was announced during the student’s absence.

    C. After their return to class, teachers are required to make arrangements with the student within two class days to take a test/quiz if the test/quiz was announced during the student’s absence.

    D. Make-up work and tests for all absences should be of the same rigor, but not necessarily the same format, as the original activity, assignment or test.

    E. Make-up tests or presentations may be scheduled before school, after school, during study hall or during the student’s class period, at the teacher’s discretion to ensure that new and/or significant content is not missed.

    F. Students should make prior arrangements with teachers for making up missed work when the absence can be anticipated, e.g. a dental appointment, court appearance or appointment, approved school-related activities, etc.

    G. After a prolonged absence, the teacher has the right to exempt a student from some assignments if the teacher determines that doing so will not have a negative impact on the student’s ability to master the content or unfairly bias his/her grade.

    H. The District shall not impose a grade penalty for make-up work after an absence because of suspension.


    Late Work

    A. Late work is defined as any assignment that is not submitted on the due date and class period with the exception of make-up work for absences or approved school activities.

    B. A 20% deduction from the total grade earned will be taken for late assignments.

    C. Late assignments will be accepted until the material has been assessed summatively or within a three-week grading period.

    D. Extenuating circumstances may occur that prevent the completion and turning in of assignments on the due date. It is the parent/guardian and/or student’s responsibility to inform the teacher and/or an appropriate administrator of any such circumstances so that an exception to the rule may or may not be granted. The teacher and/or appropriate administrator shall have the authority to render a final decision on the granting of any exceptions.


    Tutoring/Coaching – As an agriculture teacher I am in charge of a barn and team coaching. If a  student is in need of tutoring or a time to make-up work, they will schedule (in a timely manner) a morning/afterschool time to complete the assignment.