• Principles of Arts, Audio Video Communications


    Instructor - Mr. Mario Falcon


    210 356-2237

    Room D24


    Course Overview

    Principles of Arts, Audio Video Technology and Communications is a project based course designed to develop a strong background in technology applications, a strong academic foundation and a proficiency in oral and written communication.  Students will construct various multimedia projects using sound, graphics, and video to creatively convey their knowledge. Students will obtain hands on experience working with a variety of tools and software.


    Students will be able

    -To understand professional communication strategies.

    -To understand problem-solving methods, employ critical thinking and interpersonal skills independently.

    -To apply ELA knowledge and skills in Arts, Video and Communications.

    -To employ knowledge regarding use of audio and video.

    -To apply ethical decision making and comply with laws regarding use of technology in the arts.

    -To identify and apply visual images that convey a specific message.

    -To edit audio and video productions.

    -To apply art elements and principles to multimedia applications.


    Course Software

    Adobe Creative Suite, FInal Cut Pro, FadeIN and various software as needed.



    It is an expectation that every student bring a sd card, pen, and headphones to class everyday.


    Open Lab Availability

    Mon 8A - 840A

    Tue 8A - 840A

    Wed 415P - 5P


    -- Check classroom door daily for any changes to open lab availability.

                       ***WEEK ONE ASSIGNMENTS & DUTIES***




    INVENTORY TODAY = List the Items in the room

    Next, research the items value and cost

    FInally, add the total value and describe its use on a film production set.

    Reminders : Submit two ideas by Friday August 31st


        Submit summer film bio by Friday August 31st

    Turn in inventory list including  name of the Item,

    Items value, the items purpose on set, and total value SUBMIT BY TUESDAY SEPT 4TH

    ON DECK - The Three Older Technology Items In This Room OLDER TECHNOLOGY