Mr. Stephen Swinny



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Stephen Swinny

2018-2019 Algebra 2/ PAP Algebra 2


Teacher:  Stephen Swinny                 Room:  L103              Email:





            60%     Tests (three or four every term) (both Regular and PAP)

            40%     Daily (includes topic quizzes, activities, selected assignments, etc.) (Regular Only)

            10%      Homework (PAP only)

            30%       Quizzes (PAP only)




No special supplies are required for this course, but the following are highly recommended:  pencils (pens are not ideal for mathematics work), 3-ring notebook or other means for organizing class documents, paper, and calculator.


A note on calculators – it is strongly recommended that all students have access to a calculator for personal use.  A scientific calculator, such as the TI-30 (any variety) will suffice for most work.  Owning a graphing calculator (TI-Nspire) can certainly be convenient, but is not required.  Many students use calculator apps on their mobile devices when not in the classroom.  There are a lot of them out there, find one that works for you!  Desmos is an excellent app with many of the same features as a graphing calculator ( or your mobile app store).  In class, students will have use of a TI-Nspire calculator that has been assigned to them.





            Mornings (Mon and Fri) – officially, 7:30 to 8:30 am. 


Afternoons (Mon.) – officially, 4:20 to 4:45 pm


Late Work and Reteach/Retest Policies


NEISD grading policy for late work and reteach/retest will be adhered to.  The final day to turn in work will be the corresponding unit test days.  My expectation for students that opt to retake a test is that any missing work will be completed, test items will be corrected, and tutoring as needed will take place before the retake is administered.




Matters of student conduct will be addressed in a manner consistent with the NEISD and Madison campus policies.  The following three items are always of particular concern:


Tardies – it is a basic expectation that students arrive to class on time.  Excessive tardies will be dealt with through parent contact, and then an appropriate administrator if needed.  Remember…!  Both absences and tardies can prevent you from being eligible for exam exemptions.


Phones / Electronic Devices – Unless specifically directed otherwise, phones and other electronic devices are not to be out or used during this class period.  This includes music and earbuds, even on testing days. 


Food & Drink – School policy prohibits all food in classrooms, and all drinks except for water. Water must be in a container which prevents spills.