Submission Date


    Public Forum 

    Resolved: In the U.S., colleges and universities ought not consider standardized test in undergraduate admissions decisions. 

    12.7.20 @ 1PM

    12.11.20 -Churhill HS 

    Linclon - Douglas 

    Resolved: The U.S's use of targeted killing in foreign countries is unjust. 

    4.5.20 @ 1PM 

    4.9.21 - Reagan HS 




    5.15.21 - Johnson HS 

    Modern Oratory 


    Contestants must select one of the following topics for developing the oration.

    1. Do solar and/or wind power offer responsible solutions to our energy future?
    2. Will the increased involvement of private industry change the goals of space exploration?
    3. Should the federal government do more to address pandemics around the world?
    4. Is the United States addressing racism successfully?
    5. Should the government do more to regulate social media companies?

    Students will deliver a three to six minute speech without the use of notes on their topic. In the process of preparing for the contest, the student will need to:

    1. define the problem;
    2. determine the pro and con issues;
    3. research the issue;
    4. look at both sides of an issue;
    5. reach a conclusion; and
    6. support that conclusion with documentation.

    12.12.20 & 4.10.21 



  • Debate

    Day 1- Unit/Topic

    Day 2- Unit/Topic

    Day 3- Unit/Topic


    5 mins. 1 Weird Question (Attendance)

    15 mins. Go over current article, take a poll, and have a discussion

    15 mins. Instructional Time (I do, We do)

    25 mins. Do your work (You do) and Ask questions

    5 mins. Mrs. Suniga’s Weird Answer and Exit Ticket