• German 1


    • What will I learn?

     NEISD has a Scope and Sequence for what you should expect to learn at this level.

    • How much German should I be able to use at the end of German 1?

    By the end of German 1, you should expect to speak German at the novice level. Clink on this link (Novice Level Speaker) to hear what a Novice Speaker sounds like.


    Grammar Help                         Chapter Notes

    Semester 1

    Kapitel 1                                                            Kapitel 1 Stufe 1-3

    Kapitel 2                                                            Kapitel 2 Stufe 1-3

    Kapitel 3                                                            Kapitel 3 Stufe 1-3

    Semester 2

    Kapitel 4

    Kapitel 5

    Kapitel 6

    Kapitel 7