SEPTEMBER 5TH: 3 animals wearing clothing

    SEPTEMBER 12TH: Public self vs. private self

    SEPTEMBER 19TH: Create a natural disaster in your neighborhood

    SEPTEMBER 26TH: Stacks and stacks of cars

    OCTOBER 3RD: Draw a crumbled piece of paper

    OCTOBER 10TH: Draw what you see in front of you while squinting.   What would it look like with blurred vision?

    OCTOBER 17TH: Draw a pile of dishes before they get washed

    OCTOBER 24TH: Take a picture behind you and draw what you see

    OCTOBER 31ST: Design an album cover for your favorite music group/musician

    NOVEMBER 3RD: Draw the inside of a fruit, orange, lemon, apple, avocado etc.

    NOVEMBER 14TH: 5 minute drawing of classmates before or after school

    NOVEMBER 28TH: Giant insect in front of the I Love Taco’s So Much Sign

    DECEMBER 5TH: Create a character based on how people perceive you

    DECEMBER 12TH: Pick a plant zoom in on it and create a pattern out of it

    DECEMBER 19TH: Self-portrait without a face