Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Minor in Spanish Certification in All-Levels Physical Education and Health Certification in Special Education

Bryan Vasquez

This will be my Sixth year teaching/coaching with two of those years being in Houston, Texas. I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a bachelor degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Spanish. I will be teaching 6th and 8th grade Health as well as coaching 7th grade boys Football, Basketball and 8th grade Soccer. My hobbies include strength training, watching sports, long distance running and spending time with my family. This is my fourth year at Krueger MS and I am very excited to be a Krueger Falcon!

Class Schedule


    1st Period (8:20 - 9:08) 7th Grade Athletics

    2nd Period (9:12 - 9:57) 8th Grade Health

    3rd Period (10:01 - 10:46) 8th Grade Health 

    4th Period (11:22 - 12:07) Conference 

    5th Period (12:10 - 12:55) 6th Grade Health  

    6th Period (12:58 - 1:43) 6th Grade Health 

    7th Period (1:46 - 2:31) 8th Grade Health 

    8th Period (2:35 - 3:20) 8th Grade Athletics 



    1st Period (8:20 - 9:12) 7th Grade Athletics 

    2nd Period (9:16 - 10:04) 8th Grade Health 

    3rd Period (10:08 - 10:56) 8th Grade Health 

    4th Period (11:34 - 12:22) Conference 

    5th Period (12:26 - 1:14) 6th Grade Health 

    6th Period (1:18 - 2:06) 6th Grade Health 

    7th Period (2:10 - 2:58) 8th Grade Health 

    8th Period (3:02 - 3:50) 8th Grade Athletics