Important Dates

Important Dates


  • August

    August 6: Senior Prep Day 1:00am-4:00pm

    August 7: Junior Prep Day 9:00am-12:00pm August 15: Sophomore Prep Day 1:00pm-4:00pm

    August 8: 6:00pm-8:00pm

    August 19: First Day of School!

    August 29 & 30: Freshman Classroom Visits

  • September

    Sept. 2: No School-Labor Day

    Sept. 5: Senior Seminar
    Sept. 5: Parent Meeting 6:00pm

    Sept. 17: Green Back Night

  • October

    Oct 7-11: Classroom Guidance Lesson

    Oct. 14: Columbus Day-Student Holiday

    Oct. 16: PSAT Test Day

    Oct 24: National Merit Breakfast
    Oct 25: National Merit Football Game

    Oct. 30: NEISD College Night

  • November

    Nov. 6: ASVAB
    Brahma March

    Nov. 11-14: Classroom Guidance

    Nov. 15: Career Plans with 9th Grade

    Nov. 22: Apply Before You Eat Pie

    Nov. 25-29: Thanksgiving Holiday

  • December

    Dec. 3 & 4: Dual Credit Presentations in Classrooms

    Dec.9: English I and US History STAAR Retests
    Dec.10: Algebra I STAAR Restest
    Dec.11: English II STAAR Retest
    Dec. 12: Biology STAAR Retest

    Dec. 23-Jan.3: Christmas Break

  • January

    Jan.9: Dual Credit/PSAT/OnRamps Parent Meeting

    Jan. 15: 8th Grade Students from Feeder Middle Schools Visit MacArthur

    Jan.20: Martin Luther King Day-No School

    Jan. 22-24: Course Selection in Classroom

    Jan. 27: High School Course Fair

  • February

    Feb.5: ASVAB Test

    Feb. 13: Junior Parent Night

    Feb. 17: Presidents Day-Student Holiday

    Feb. 24-28: Classroom Guidance Lesson

  • March

    March 9-13:Spring Break

    March 19: Summa Reception

  • April

    April 6: English I EOC STAAR Test
    April 8:English II EOC STAAR Test

    April 10: Good Friday-NO School

    April 20-23: Classroom Guidance

    April 21: NEISD Career Expo

    April 26:Battle of Flowers-NO School

  • May

    May 4: Alg. I EOC STAAR Test
    May 5: Biology EOC STAAR Test
    May 6: US History EOC STAAR Test

    May 25: Memorial Day-NO School


    May 30: Graduation

  • June

  • July