Mr. Kevin Coble



Degrees and Certifications:

Master's Degree from Wayland Baptist University (2018) Master Peace Officer License (TCOLE) Texas Commission On Law Enforcement. Basic Instructor License (TCOLE) Mental Health Officer (TCOLE) Leadership and Management (TCOLE-SAPOA) San Antonio Police Officers Assoc)

Mr. Kevin Coble

1982-Graduated from Ayer High School. Ayer, Massachusetts.

1983-Joined the USAF/Security Police/Law Enforcement.

1983-1989-Stationed at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge UK. (I loved being in England and loved traveling around Europe.)

1989-1992-Stationed at Lackland AFB (San Antonio, Tx.) 

1993-2018-San Antonio Police Department (25+ year career) I worked West Patrol, North Patrol, East Patrol and I was an Instructor at the SAPD Academy.

During my career with SAPD, I served on Night Patrol most of my career and I completed my Master's Degree in Criminal Justice (2018).

2018- I started my new career at MacArthur High School. I love teaching and look forward to meeting you all.....