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    North East Independent School District's Physcial Education and Health Department is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and skills to maintain a healhty, active lifestyle through dynamic physical activity programs that allow all students to be successful.

    Department Guidelines
    Grading Policies & Expectations 

    All PE students will be Fitness Gram Tested 


    Physical Education Courses:

    Course Description:
    Want to experience a course like no other, and complete your .5 Health graduation requirement and .5 of your PE requirement? Then this is the course for you! This hybrid - activity and classroom - course keeps the learning process engaging, spontaneous, and real-life. Don't just learn about target heart rates in a classroom; experience what activities help you reach your target hear rate by using heart rate monitors during your favorite activity! Want to learn how to utilizeyour campus's fitness room? Want to experience a taste of what your campus's physical education department has to offer? Then this is the course for you. Healthy Lifestlyes is designed with today's student in mind. Enjoy gaining real-life knowledge while having fun using today's technology! Join this calss for an experience like no other!
    Special Note: Counts for .5 Heatlth AND .5 PE when taken with Healthy Lifestyles II. Must be taken in conjunction with Healthy Lifestyles II in order to receive credit. A student may not taek the same couse twice for credit.

    Course Description: 
    Healthy Lifestyles I and II should be consecutively taken during the same school year. The course is given two-seperate course numbers and names in order to credit students who successfully complete both with .5 Health and .5 Foundations of Personal Fitness credit (PE).

    Course Description: Want to learn to work out properly? Want to experience fitness in fun, exciting new ways? Then, this course if for you! Experience the fitness center, learn how to play sabaki ball, go rock climbing, and ride mountain bikes are just a few of the opportunities you will have in this class. Set your own personal fitness goals, and learn how to reach them YOUR WAY. An added bonus, you get a taste for all high schol physical education courses in this one course so that you can choose your next adventure in the PE department more wisely.
    Gender: Mixed

    Course Description: 
    Disc golf! Socce Ball! Pickleball! Sholf! What are these games? Fund out this and more in Individual Sports. Experience a variety of activitites that focus more on individual participation rather than team effort; lieftime activities rather than traditional sports. Learn new ways to be active and have a blast while doing it.

    Course Description: What is a carboard box over? What is geocaching? How do you make a proper camp fire? How do I cast a fishing pole? Learn how to enjoy and experience all the outdoors as to offer. Kayaking, backpacking, camping, hiking, archery, and mountain biking are just a few of the experiences students may have in this one-of-a-kind course. Students will have fun being active in the outdoors.

    Course Description: Don't let the name of the course fool you. Aerboic Activities is about experiencing new and exciting way to increase your heart rate. Spin bikes, rock climbing, circuit training, Zumba, and core stability are just a few of the activities you will experience in this course. The focus is on the individual discovering their likes, and dislikes, of cardiovascular activities so personal fitness goals can be set and met in the way the indidivual prefers. Fill your life's tool belt with activities that support a heart-healthy life and have fun while doing it.

    Course Description: Go beyond volleyball, flag football, and basketball. Gain experiences in badminton, pickleball, ladder golf, birdie golf, and ultimate frisbee. Team participation may be the focus for the course, but individual fitness is a priority. Experience a variety of team activities that help improve personal fitness levels and may be played at any age!