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  • Parents, please watch the videos to see our inspiration for our Global Cardboard Challenge participation, and scroll down to see all the important information regarding your child's project.

    Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual event started in 2012, inspired by the response to the Caine’s Arcade film. Kids around the world are encouraged to build something awesome using cardboard, recycled material, and imagination, and then invite others to play. Please watch these videos:

    ①Caine’s Arcade video  http://cainesarcade.com/

    ②Caine’s Arcade / Cardboard Challenge video http://cainesarcade.com/cardboardchallenge/

    Cibolo Green’s 4th grade Global Cardboard Challenge

    Purpose: Students will use their creativity to design a game out of cardboard to test the effects of force on an object, such as a push or pull, gravity, friction, or magnetism.

    • Monday, September 10th   -
      • Students will watch a video about the Global Cardboard Challenge.
      • Teachers will explain the project and expectations.
      • Students will brainstorm ideas for their cardboard game.
    • Friday, September 14th Project Parent Note turned in.
    • Friday, September 21st Project idea plan turned in.
    • September 21st – October 1st
      • Create cardboard game at home.
      • Fill in Project Learning Form.
    •  Friday, October 1st
      • Bring your completed cardboard game to school.
      • Turn in Project Learning Form.
      • Start presentations to class.
    • Friday, October 1st
      • Students will begin to present your project to the class.
      • Explain your game and the forces (friction, gravity, etc.) that effect it.
    • Tuesday, October 2nd
      • Students take turns playing each other’s games at school. **Parents invited to come. More info coming*
      • Students will write a summary about their experience with the Global Cardboard Challenge


    1. Completed Cardboard Game
    2. Project Learning Form
    3. Presentation to class about their cardboard game & Summary about their experience with the Global Cardboard Challenge