• Class Assignments:

    • You are expected to monitor your grades weekly.
    • Minor assignments and quizzes may not be retaken.
    • Major (failing) assignments may be retaken to increase the original grade, only to a "70".  Arrangements must be made in advance.
    • DO NOT wait until the last day, before grades are due for progress/or report cards, to turn in missing/incomplete assignments.  
    • Late work - after the due date - will have a deduction of 20% (after the assignment is graded).  Late work will not be accepted once we have moved on to a new unit or assessment has been done.
    • Full credit will not be given for late/missing assignments/projects.

    Grade Determination:

    Nine-week averages will be determined by the following:

    Daily/Classwork                  20%

    Quizzes/Minor Projects        35%

    Test/Essays/Major Project    45%