• Every Day:
    We will write and read every single day in English I. This class isn't designed to be easy, but I level the playing field for my students by using their accommodations and modifications. Also, I hold high standards for my students. They will meet them--trust me. I believe in them, and I know that they are capable of amazing things!

    I have provided one-subject spirals and plastic folders for students. Ideally, they will need MORE one-subject spirals (probably one for each 9-week period) and plastic folders (with pockets) for each 9-week period. Everything else is just icing on the cake. I have provided highlighters, markers, glue sticks, paper punchers, staplers, markers, etc. for them. They also ALWAYS need something to write with. I prefer pencils because NONE of us are perfect, and pencils allow for corrections.______________________________________________________________________________________________


    August 28-October 20
    - Unit 1: Literary Analysis
    - Unit 1A: Literary Nonfiction
    - Unit 1B: Short Story (Fiction)
    - Unit 1C: Poetry
    -----Reading Comprehension Skills: monitoring comprehension, vocabulary
    -----Literary Analysis Skills: interweave personal ideas with factual information, plot development, characterization, point of view, theme and genre, figurative language, imagery, structure and graphic elements
    -----Writing Skills: the writing cycle, organization and progression, idea development, use of language (revising and editing), interpretative response to text elements, short story elements, poetry elements, reflection  


    Behavior Expectations:
    I ask that my students stay awake in class and pay attention. I won't say no to restroom breaks, of course, but I ask that they not use this as a crutch to get out of class. I'm very selfish with their time, and I want to use it fully. English I is a tested subject (STAAR EOC exam), and I take student success very seriously. I don't expect students to be perfect. I just want them to do their best and let me help with the rest. If there are any issues, I will certainly email or telephone parents. If you, as parents, need to contact me, please feel free to do so. You, your child, and I are a team!