• Welcome to our Pre-AP English 1 page!

    Pre-AP/AP courses challenge and enrich motivated college-bound student to expand their education beyond the typical secondary program. Pre-AP coursework (grades 9 and 10) develops advanced skills and content background to prepare students for the college level work in Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit courses (grades 11 and 12) and on AP exams. 

     On this page you will find a list of assignments for the grading period. 

  • Assignments (* denotes test grade)

    1. *Poetry Collection
    2. Independent Reading Log
    3. Mentor Sentence Learning Check
    4. Expository Circle 1
    5. Independent Reading Log
    6. Mentor Sentence Learning Check
    7. Kernel Essay 1
    8. Expository Circle 2
    9. Mentor Sentence Learning Check
    10. Kernel Essay 2
    11. *Expository Circle Test
    12. Independent Reading Log
    13. Mentor Sentence Learning Check
    14. *Expository Essay Exam
    15. Independent Reading Log
    16. Mentor Sentence Learning Check
    17. *Expository Multiple Choice Test

    **These are the tentative grades planned for the 2nd quarter.**