Drama Team Dates

  • Fall Performance & Competition Dates

    Evening Performances A & B
    Tuesday, November 7th
    A @ 6pm
    B @ 7pm

    School Performance A
    Thursday, November 9th
    A @ 2nd Period

    School Performance B
    Friday, November 10th
    B@1st Period

    Fall Festival Competition
    Saturday, December 9th
    9 am to 3pm
    Leave Jackson @ 8:15
    Arrive Jackson @ 3:45


    Fall Drama Team Fundraiser Dates

    Football Game
    Wednesday, September 20th
    3:30pm to 6:30

    Volleyball Game
    Monday, October 23rd
    3:30 to 6:30

    Winter Dance
    Friday, December 15th 
    3:30 to 6:oopm

    *Students do not need to work the entire event for fundraising credit.  Min. of 1.5 hrs. @ Concessions.   Min. of 1 hr. @ Winter Dance


Speech Festival Information